Support for all supported OS Versions

Support for all supported OS Versions



 May 03 2023
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Not at this time

Would make things easier if Microsoft implement new Features for all supported OS Versions not only for the newest. 


Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2016
Windows 10 LTSC



Hi @Mike808 - there are no plans for backporting Windows LAPS to additional platforms at this time.   


Windows Server 2012 R2 is nearly out of mainstream support - I believe it ends on October 10th later this year - so customers should be looking to migrate away from that platform soon anyway.


The mainstream Windows Server 2016 editions still have plenty of life left (mainstream support ending in January 2027) but we had to draw the line somewhere and WS2016 did not make it.   I am not going to say we cannot change the decision wrt WS2016, but we would need to hear a lot of customer feedback on the business case justifying why upgrading to WS2019 or later is not a viable option.


I know this is not likely to be a popular answer, but that is where things are at the moment.

Status changed to: Not at this time
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I came here to upvote this (specifically for Server 2016), however upvotes are disabled as the feedback item has been marked as completed.  


Without Server 2016 support, migrating to Windows LAPS will only be for newer server OS versions and our org will have to maintain both Windows LAPS and Legacy LAPS policies and procedures for the next several years.  


With Server 2016 support, we can fully migrate to Windows LAPS and decommission any Legacy LAPS installers and policies.


Thank you.

Status changed to: In the backlog

@Cristopher Alaya  - my mistake.  I did not realize the issue was not up-voteable in the "Not at this time" state.   I've put it back in Backlog status.  Appreciate your feedback.

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Totally agree with @Cristopher Alaya 


@Jay Simmons  please consider backporting Windows LAPS to Server 2016.

Status changed to: Not at this time

Hi everyone - While we love & appreciate the support for Windows LAPS, and we understand the desire to have a consistent management experience, the decision was made that we will not backport this new feature beyond Server 2019 and Windows 10. Server 2016 has been out of Mainstream support for 16 months now, and we do not release new features to those aging OSes.


The best way to take advantage of all the great new features that we have to offer in Windows, including Windows LAPS, is to upgrade to an OS in mainstream support.


I am closing down this feedback item. You are welcome to continue to leave comments, and if you have a support contract, you are welcome to file a DCR asking for this backport. We will continue to share both with our leadership & will let you know if this decision changes in the future. Thanks for your feedback!