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Capability to Create local user within LAPS policy

Capability to Create local user within LAPS policy



 May 03 2023
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Currently LAPS by default act on built-in local administrator user. If you want to have a new one you have to crate using different method. I think the possibility to specify a custom administrator account and have Intune create it will be very helpfull.

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@vontier - can you please comment on why the Accounts CSP is not suitable for this purpose?   Or are you asking for a more integrated solution where messing with the Accounts CSP is never required?


I am looking at adding an automatic local account mgmt feature for Windows LAPS, but it won't be ready anytime soon.  There is IMO a potential here to create a confusing mess of overlapping policy responsibilities and I want to make sure that we come up with a clean solution.

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Hello thanks for look at it.

I'm asking for a more integrated solution, so that we can manage even new user creation in the same LAPS policy. Just to have a single policy to manage and not multiple.

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