Universal Print or unlimited print?
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Printing is still essential.

We often hear that “print is dead”—but printing is still an essential daily activity for many people working to support their customers and partners. Universal Print makes printing easier than ever, and does away with the need for print servers, enabling a more sustainable print management infrastructure in the cloud.

As the number of organizations, people, and active printers registered with Universal Print continues to grow, we are working hard to add features that will make printing simpler and more efficient.

Listening to your needs

Microsoft 365 for Enterprise combines Microsoft 365 apps for enterprise (Office 365), Windows Enterprise E3, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. People can meet, collaborate, and stay connected across boundaries in today's modern workspace with Microsoft 365, whether they work in the office, at home, or from anywhere they have an internet connection. Printing is still an important part of collaboration processes, and Universal Print moves printing to the cloud, making it accessible from anywhere.

Print usage has increased significantly as people return to the office, even if only for a few days per week and as a result, Microsoft 365 organizations are reporting that they need to purchase additional print jobs for Universal Print.  Furthermore, tracking print jobs across an organization takes time and is not a priority. Microsoft is constantly listening to feedback, and we are minimizing the need to track and purchase additional print jobs for Microsoft 365 customers.

We are implementing a change that simplifies the purchase and tracking of Universal Print print-jobs, as requested by Microsoft 365 organizations. Beginning on May 1, 2023, organizations with a Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 plan will have access to 100 print jobs per license per month.

The 100 print jobs per month that are attached to every license are automatically added to the organization’s pool and are available to all employees with an assigned Universal Print seat.    With this change, we meet the growing print needs of Microsoft 365 organizations and simplify print volume management.

Screenshot of the Universal Print Usage and Reports overview in the Azure portal.Screenshot of the Universal Print Usage and Reports overview in the Azure portal.

As an illustration, consider the following: Previously, an organization with 1,000 licenses for Microsoft 365 E3 received 5,000 print jobs with the Windows E3 license included in Microsoft 365. In this example, this company will receive 100,000 print jobs from its Microsoft 365 licenses, beginning May 1, 2023.

This benefit change simplifies your cloud adoption journey with Universal Print.

New in Universal Print

We are simplifying print jobs management and we are also adding more functionality.

  • All major printer manufacturers have Universal Print ready printer models available, or models that can be upgraded with new firmware or a printer app. You can find them by visiting the Universal Print integrations page.
  • Print Support Apps (PSA) improve the print experience or offer integration with a line of business applications. Check out our blog post for more information.
  • The native integration of Universal Print with macOS preview is expected in June 2023 and will empower macOS users to print from any app, just like Windows users can do today. Whether people are on Windows or macOS, they will have a seamless, no learning-curve print-experience. Organizations benefit from the simplicity of a single print solution for all users.
  • Using a QR code scan with their iOS or Android smartphone, employees will be able to securely release a print job. We are preparing for a preview and if you want to participate, please complete this form and we will contact you soon.

More information about Universal Print can be found at print.microsoft.com, where you can learn how to get started. You can also visit Get To Know Universal Print for a quick, 10-minute walkthrough.

Continue the conversation. Discover best practices. Check out the Universal Print zone in the Windows Tech Community. 

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