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Universal Print continues to mature. Over the last eight months, we as parents have learned a lot. Many of you have helped Universal Print by feeding it printers and print jobs—and it has evolved to include new features and capabilities. We all need a family, and many of our partners have been adding printers and software support to help Universal Print grow. Thank you all!

Here is more on what's new and what's coming shortly to a Universal Print queue in your neighborhood.

Print from more endpoints

It is no secret Windows 11 has been released, and we've previously blogged about the role of Universal Print in the reimagined operating system (OS). We announced support for Printer Support App (PSA), and we're happy to share that device manufacturers like Brother, Canon, and Kyocera are hard at work to release apps soon.

PIN release is another Windows 11 feature of Universal Print. Epson is working with Microsoft to improve print security and user experience by offering PIN release its printers.

To take a closer look at PSA and PIN releases, watch our Microsoft Ignite session on What's new with Universal Print in Windows 11.

We've also previously blogged about the integration of Universal Print with Microsoft OneDrive for the web. This allows users to print directly from OneDrive using a connected browser of choice from a smartphone or any device. Discover additional value in Office for the web, with print support in Microsoft Excel for the web from any device as soon as the end of 2021.

The Universal Print dialog box within OneDriveThe Universal Print dialog box within OneDrive

For a closer look at the experience printing from OneDrive and Excel for web, watch our Microsoft Ignite session on Universal Print integration with Microsoft 365. We'll also demonstrate how Microsoft Endpoint Manager administrators can easily deploy and set up Universal Print printers on Windows 10 and 11 endpoints.

Printer provisioning options within the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin centerPrinter provisioning options within the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center

Universal Print is now also available in Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop. You can now try Universal Print from Cloud PC when you run Windows 11 on your Cloud PC.

Print to more devices

You've asked us how and where to find printers that provide native support for Universal Print. Partners are stepping up and delivering. Visit our Partner integrations to discover which printers are Universal Print-ready. You don't always have to buy new printers; most manufacturers have updates available to upgrade your existing printer to a Universal Print ready printer.

We are happy to welcome Sharp, Fujifilm, and Triumph Adler to the Universal Print family.

Brother previously released a set of black-and-white printers and added a set of color printers that support Universal Print. The Brother Workhorse Series printers provide the flexibility and scalability to address a range of workplace needs. “In partnership with Microsoft, we are committed to supporting Universal Print and support our customers in their journey to the digital workplace,” said Frank Martin, Senior Director, Solutions Development, Brother International Corporation. For more details, see Brother continues to support the New World of Work.

Epson's Universal Print–ready business inkjet printers have been available for some time. Epson's inkjet products continue to provide great value to customers, minimizing energy consumption while leveraging Epson's strength in heat-free technology. Epson is now proposing expansion of Universal Print support for new models in the WorkForce Enterprise / Pro series, which includes  a wide range of 30 page per minute (ppm) through 100 ppm printers to  meet customers' business needs.

HP released the HP for Universal Print Workpath app. Utilizing the ability to directly connect HP Workpath–compatible, multifunction printers to the cloud, the HP for Universal Print Workpath app is easy to deploy, manage and use. This is a major milestone, as it makes HP Workpath–compatible printers directly registerable with the Universal Print service.

Sharp announced that future Multifunction Printers (MFP) will support Universal Print natively.

Toshiba has released "e-BRIDGE Plus for Universal Print." By installing this application on your e-BRIDGE Next Generation Toshiba MFP, it will be a Universal Print–ready printer and able to connect directly with Universal Print. Read more in the Toshiba blog.

We are excited to learn that firmware updates for the Xerox AltaLink 8100 Series are now available to customer for the following models: AltaLink C8130, AltaLink C8135, AltaLink C8145, AltaLink C8155, AltaLink C8170, AltaLink B8145, AltaLink B8155, and AltaLink B8170.

More software integrations

Software integration with Universal Print is delivering a more valuable solution to customers, and we are delighted to see so many additions in this area.

Cartadis, a software vendor and hardware manufacturer, released Gespage 8.2.3, a smart management solution for print, copy, and scan, with Universal Print integration. It manages printers and multifunction printers for all brands, and it supports users with Azure Active Directory and mobile printing for PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Ezeep, which is part of ThinPrint, released firmware version 2 of its ezeep Hub for Universal Print with significant performance improvements, wider support for label and specialty printers, and a convenient Find Printers feature for simplified migration to Universal Print. For more information, see ezeep releases new firmware for migration to Universal Print.

Microsoft and HP have collaborated to create modern print solutions that take advantage of cloud technology. HP Secure Print integration with Universal Print provides a fully featured cloud-native print management solution that delivers powerful real-time print analytics.

Konica Minolta's cloud platform bizhub Evolution integrates with Universal Print, providing a secure and simple way to create a corporate print environment for Microsoft 365 customers. bizhub Evolution integration with Universal Print allows customers to route their print jobs to printers as secure follow-me jobs.

In addition to MyQ X, Universal Print and MyQ Roger are now tightly integrated in one digital workplace. Users signed into MyQ Roger with their Microsoft 365 account can browse, print from, and scan to cloud folders using the MyQ Roger embedded client on the MFP, and they can release print jobs securely with dynamically generated QR codes for authentication. The MyQ Roger mobile app ensures that all interaction with the MFP is remote and touchless..

New to Process Fusion's InfinityCloud solution is the integration with Universal Print. It allows organizations with Universal Print to further protect print data and documents through the secure print release feature. Users can release a print job only when they are in front of the printer device, or they can release the print job directly to a digital workflow without printing on paper.

The “more” in print jobs

Universal Print is available in Windows 10 and Windows 11 Enterprise E3, E5, A3, and A5; Microsoft 365 Enterprise F3, E3, E5, A3, and A5; and Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Customers with these subscriptions are allotted five print jobs per user per month and have the option to add print job add-on packs (containing 500 print jobs each) every month. Print jobs are always pooled at the tenant level.

Some customers print a lot. We've recently created a ten thousand print job add-on pack at a low price per print job. This means that if additional print jobs are needed, organizations can choose from two monthly add-on packs: a 500 pack at $25 per month or a ten thousand pack at $300 per month. These added print jobs are part of a pool at the tenant level. Check out License Universal Print for details as well as details on discounts for educational customers.

To accommodate a greater variety of print jobs, we've addressed the issue that capped a print job at 100 MB. Today, an individual user can submit up to 1 GB print jobs or a series of print jobs that add up to 1 GB within 15 minutes, and Universal Print will get them done.

We are always listening to your feedback. Let us know what you think, or what additional features you need. This community is a great place to have a conversation.

Universal Print is maturing each day someone prints. Thanks to everyone who has helped it grow. If you have not tried it yet, give it a whirl. Start at Universal Print.


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