Resuming optional Windows 10 and Windows Server non-security monthly updates

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In March, we announced that we would pause optional non-security update releases (also referred to as "C" and "D" releases) for all supported versions of Windows client and Windows Server to give organizations time to focus on business continuity in the face of the global pandemic. Based on feedback and the ongoing stabilization of business continuity, we will resume optional releases in July of 2020 for Windows 10 and Windows Server, version 1809 and later, to once again provide you with the ability to test planned non-security fixes targeted for the next month’s Update Tuesday (or "B") release. We are also instituting a few changes to simplify the update process and help you continue to stay current with Windows 10 and Windows Server.

First, in response to feedback, these validated, production-quality optional releases will be now called "Preview" releases for clarity, and will be offered only for Windows 10 and Windows Server, version 1809 and later. You will see the naming change reflected in the release title as shown in the example on the Windows Update page in Settings below:


Second, to simplify update management for IT, these "Preview" releases will be delivered in the "C" week only. There is no change to the cumulative monthly security updates (also referred to as the "B" release or Update Tuesday release). These releases will continue to contain all previous updates to keep your users protected and productive.

Third, if you use Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) to manage updates, you will no longer see "Preview" (or "C") releases for Windows 10 or Windows Server in the WSUS channel. This ensures a consistent update management experience across all supported versions of Windows in your environment.

Finally, for those in the Windows Insider Program or Windows Insider Program for Business, in-development versions of these non-security updates will be released to the Release Preview Channel in the "B" week.

For more information about the various types of Windows updates (such as critical, security, driver, service packs, and so on, please see Description of the standard terminology that is used to describe Microsoft software updates. To find out when new content is published to the Windows release information message center, follow @WindowsUpdate.


Thanks for your kind information. 

Good luck.



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I notice that you linked to KB 824684, on standard update terminology... doesn't actually mention "A", "B", and "C" updates at all ;)


Nor "cumulative update" for that matter, seemingly preferring "Monthly Rollup"


Hallo i have a question about block regarding lenovo g5080 what is the reason for it anda does this mean i will get it in may next year ?




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Thanks for this useful info. Assume we can expect more than one update every month then, that means new build versions to every release. And hopefully, these optional updates will be installed as part of WUfB monthly quality update Rings? Please confirm.

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Excuse me. I have two questions.

Is this update applied to Windows 10 Ver2004?

And what do "B" and "C" mean?

It is a little difficult for me to understand this article in detail.


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> what do "B" and "C" mean?


Microsoft wrote: Update Tuesday (or "B") release


"B" is the week that includes the 2nd Tuesday of the month -- the day where Microsoft releases monthly updates at 10 AM Pacific

"C" is the week after the "B" week.


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Is this update applied to Windows 10 Ver2004?


Updates apply to all Microsoft-supported versions of Windows 10.


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@M-D-K  Thank you so much!


I hope todays security update fixes lenovo g5080 software block so i can put 2004 already or atliast get me one step closer to it :)

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Why can't I upgrade my windows 10 I've tried everything but no luck:facepalm:

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And how do we we disable these previews please ?

My too-up-to-date Windows Server 2019 (version 1809 build 17763.1369) has also lost any option for filtering any optional or preview update or for having a grace delay of some days, so that it installs now all of them automatically :(
Obviously any of them will crash one of my servers at any time if automatic updates are still allowed without that filtering and a 2 days delay /!\

My request:  Be consistent in your releases.  It's the D Tuesday and I've yet to see updates for 2004,   1903/1909, 1809 got theirs last week.  So is it going to get these preview updates or not?  Then ALL of my systems are blocked at this time from getting 2004 so I'm not seeing this "optional offering".  "Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. In the Optional updates available area, you’ll find the link to download and install the update."  When 2004 isn't being offered to your systems, you don't see this optional delivery mechanism.


Next because .net updates and windows updates apparently use different update delivery platforms, .net previews are offered up totally differently than windows previews.  Per  "To download and install this update, go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, and then select Check for updates"  


It's the same platform, can we get consistency on how the updates are offered up?  It's confusing.

@phillippe Piquereau  What platform - or patching tool are you using?  Preview updates shouldn't be shoved as long as you don't click on "check for updates".  When I see previews being installed there's a third party security tool that is doing that.

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The July 21, 2020 preview update does not include a "preview (プレビュー)" in Japanese.
en-US) 2020-07 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based Systems (KB4559004)

ja-JP) 2020-07x64 ベース システム用 Windows 10 Version 1909 の累積更新プログラム (KB4559004)


The name of update in Japanese should be like ”累積更新プログラムのプレビュー (KBXXXXXXX)”


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@Susan Bradley

I use only the standard Windows Update, plus its Microsoft Update option, as no other option is now available on my Windows Server 2019 version 1809 build 17763.1369 : neither preview filtering or some days of grace period (2 days would be greatly appreciated !).

The previews were installed, when I clicked on "Check for updates".

Do we need to understand from your answer that a workaround to this current Windows Update "bug by design" (not an official bug in MSFT terminology, but a limitation "by design", anyway a functional bug) is to never check for updates on these systems ?

We would have to only check if the update history seems correct enough, without being able to know if there is an important update pending ?


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Why do you make this so complicated.  A, B, C, whatever.  Last build update trashed my fingerprint reader on my HP Elitebook 1040 G3, I was using it, not HELLO won't recognise it or my camera for face recognition.  This seems to be to be going backwards.

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My PC has windows 10 Home, Evaluation Copy Built 19635.mn_release.20522-1435 OS installed. From more than week, on start of my PC, I am getting POP UP massage that service to this built will expire from 31-07-2020 hence update to new version. I have several time tried to update OS through setting-Windows Update by all means but every time it is showing your window is up to date. It is installing all other updates of windows defender security definition files and apps of windows store. Not able to understand why OS is not getting updated. I am using BETA update platform. 

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The "preview" moniker looks confusing. When I saw it in an update name my first thought was "is this something not fully ready for wide deployment?". Many pre-release features and products from MS use word "preview", so why would I treat it differently in case with updates?

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OK, I am back again.  You should not post the ones that are not in English.  There should be an area for just those others that can't read or write English.  Very rude going through these posts and seeing this.  Not productive to the rest of us.  Besides that, I just ran Belarc and there are 5 missing updates.  Why?  Using the update feature with in Windows isn't catching these updates, WHY?  Sorry to be a pain in the a*s, but really, this shouldn't be happening!  Can anyone say "Security"?

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Hallo tôi có một câu máy của tôi khi cập nhật có biểu tượng thế này? không cập nhật lên phiên bản 2004 Capture.PNG

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a uma atualização que baixa baixa e não estala da erro e meu notbook esta cada vez mais pesado já formatei reinstalei e nada sempre esta dando erro o que faço devo reinstalar até instalar muito frustrado  muito mesmo

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Estou com problemas na atualização do W10, pacote KB4566782. Já ocorreram 7 tentativas de atualização e gera o código de erro 0x800f0922.

Não consigo falar com o suporte aqui no Brasil e nem acho nada na comunidade que me oriente o que fazer. Recebo aviso que é necessário reinicializar o PC todo dia, várias vezes, só que não acontece, sempre ocorre esse erro.



Obrigado pela sua resposta. Por favor, você poderia enviar um resumo desse problema na página “Feedback Hub” usando o computador que está sendo afetado? Por favor, use a categoria “Instale e Update – Baixando, instalando e configurando Windows update” (em inglês: “Install and Update – Downloading, installing and configuring windows update”). Use o também o código de erro BS_E_INSTALLERS_FAILED para que possamos entender qual IA está falhando e investigar esse problema a fundo. Acesse a página de Feedback por esse link:



Chris Morrissey

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I cannot get Windows to update It keeps giving an error constantly.:sad:

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August 11, 2020—KB4566782 (OS Build 19041.450)

Can I install this version for Windows?



Devices and Drivers


Intel® Core™ i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz


Intel® HD Graphics 4600


NVIDIA GeForce 845M


Realtek High Definition Audio


Intel® Dual Band Wireless-N 7260

Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller

TAP-Windows Adapter V9

Kaspersky Security Data Escort Adapter


12 GB

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not getting updates saying undoing changes


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Very informative informatic constructs, in an effort to keep us EU's and co-developers up to date.  Would be interested in seeing some analytics based on how this information impacted the number of problems EU's of Windows 10 - 1809 version and higher registered with you analogous to previous updates.


Thank you.


Dr. Richard Hatfield, Health Leadership, Retired

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2020-09 cumulative update for windows 10 version 2004 for x64 based systems has failed to install for over a month now. All other updates work fine, it is only this one that will not install. It always says undoing changes. How do I fix it? Alternatively do I need it/can I just tell my computer to stop attempting the update and ignore it?

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I have not been successful at installing any Windows 10 x64 Updates since May 2020! I've spoken with numerous support staff at Microsoft and done everything they have suggested (twice), and still, no Windows 10 updates will install. I'm more than frustrated over this situation and losing faith in the updating system. Please offer some helpful advice on how to overcome this problem with the updates. The Security updates and Office 365 updates give me no problems, only Windows 10. I'm using the x64, 2004 edition. Thank you

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‏‏فشل التثبيت على ‏15/‏03/‏42 - 0x8024001e ‎ ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ 



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"Windows Server, Version 1809 und höher"


Wann geht´s da mal endlich auf 1909 oder gar 2004 hoch?

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You mention " ... production-quality optional releases will be now called "Preview" releases for clarity."
But this has the totally opposite effect for the average W10 user: the term Preview suggests that this is a release ahead of the scheduled release and as such not validated (or what ever that is called). This from the Cambridge dictionary: Preview:shown or described before it is available to be seen by the public 
So I too got Preview updates and my reaction was like: "Preview? I don't want any previews, I want real updates!"
So the term Preview is giving nor clarity what so ever and as such is widely misunderstood and is only giving confusion. Especially because it is in many cases not optional: I too had "preview" updates which were not optional, they were installed without giving me an option or choice.
I really hope that a normal, logical name  can be given to these kind of updates.


@Chris Morrissey While it's great to see the resumption of these updates, labelling "optional" updates as "preview" is at best confusing and is more likely to lead to the opposite of what seems to be intended.


Oh, as with @Menno555 above (and others), I got this "Preview" (aka optional, production-ready) update when clicking the "Check for Updates" button, so not very optional either.


Please fix this so optional means exactly that, preview means pre-release, as it does practically everywhere else, and if you must, label production-ready updates as "Production" or something similar.

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Gratidão por seu expli


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Não sei como configurar o sistema para que ele fique mas leve, O sistema Beta estar lento ao ligá-lo não sei como fazer! poderia me ajudar ?


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I tried everything all to n/a. Is the only answer to switch to Apple products like all else that experience these issues? So disgusted with trying to contact Microsoft tech with no response.

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> Is the only answer to switch to Apple products like all else that experience these issues?


Not really.


I recently took an Apple notebook computer that Apple stopped supporting in 2014, and installed Windows 10, with device-drivers from Apple's "BootCamp" package, to upgrade the notebook from being a "paperweight" (Google Chrome & Firefox refused to install) into a fully-functional dual-core Intel-CPU system, with 4GB RAM, and a new SSDr. [I also replaced the battery.] It's blown a few people's minds, when watching it power-on -- it first plays the Apple "chime", and then shows the Windows 10 "4-panes-of-glass" logo, and fully boots-up in less than 30 seconds. Slick!

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I have the following problem since about two month. When selecting "Settings" Update & Security" "windows Update" the following text appears on the top:


Something went wrong. Try to reopen Settings later.


I am unable to check for updates and couldn't find any solution. What is wrong and how can I solve this problem? 

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Within Windows "Settings", type "trouble" into the search-box, to find the trouble-shooter for Windows Update issues. Run it.


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Try to restore to an earlier working Windows 10.   In the past, I had contacted the team to stop unchecking restore points when upgrading the version.  Pretty sure they did this, so try restoring to an earlier setting with restore point.  Then try to update!

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My computer and my printer are not talking. I don't know why. 

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@chrisbelding -- if your printer uses a USB cable, try connecting it to a different computer, to see if that computer recognizes it. That implies that the printer is having a problem. Can you "factory-reset" it?


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2021-03 Actualización acumulativa para Windows 10 Version 21H1 para sistemas basados en x64 (KB5000842)


Tengo 15 dias intentado instalar esa actualizacion, alguien mas tiene ese problema.



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> 2021-03 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 21H1 for x64-based Systems (KB5000842) I have 15 days trying to install that update, someone else has that problem.


Have you opened "Settings", and entered "trouble" to find the Windows Update trouble-shooter, and launched that app?


Maybe, wait for the "2021-04" version of the update?


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no lo eh intentado la verdad pero incluso con la nueva actualizacion la del 13 de abril tambien me sale problema

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