Real talk on Windows 11
Published Nov 10 2022 09:00 AM 157K Views

Recently, I had the pleasure to chat with several IT professionals to understand their perspectives on Windows 11 as the implementers of the modern solutions that enable organizations to be more productive and protected. It was humbling experience to hear from these technical experts from around the world as they shared their thoughts, learnings, challenges, and favorite features related to Windows 11.

The IT pros I talked with work with a diverse, global assortment of organizations across multiple industries. Their roles and responsibilities vary— from system or desktop administrator to IT manager and cloud architect—but their thoughts on Windows 11 have a common thread: now is a great time to make the move to Windows 11. But don't take my word for it. Dive in and hear it straight from them!


Sandy Zeng, Senior Cloud Architect, CloudWay

Hear thoughts on “why not Windows 11?” If you need encouragement to make the move to Windows 11, this is a good place to start.
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Adnan Hendricks, Creative Director of Cloud Solutions, Cloud Infrastructure Architects

What does a security specialist see as the reasons to move to Windows 11? Watch and find out.
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Mattias Melkersen Kalvag, Consultant, Mindcore

Did you know that Windows 11 lets users know how long the device will take to reboot following the installation of Windows updates? Mattias shares why he is so excited about this Windows 11 feature.
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Roman Kleyn, Head of Workplace Design, Krones AG

Roman explains why his company was an early adopter of Windows 11. Learn why the companys leadership was a strong advocate for making sure their devices were upgraded to Windows 11 as soon as possible, and how productive it is for their users.
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Joymalya Basu Roy, Senior Cloud Consultant, HTMD

Learn how you can manage Windows 11 the way you want and get thoughts on why Joymalya's "best thing" about Windows 11 are the security features from chip to cloud.
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Nick Brattoli, Partner/Principal Architect, 365 Consulting

Get valuable recommendations on the approaches and tools IT professionals can use to embrace Windows 11 in their organizations today.
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Simon Binder, Digital Workplace Architect, Telia Cygate

Why is Windows 11 a great operating system -- from both a management and user experience perspective? Simon shares his perspective.
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Maurice Daly, Principal Cloud Architect, CloudWay

Hear about the natural evolution of Windows 10 to Windows 11 and hear Maurice share what Windows 11 is all about for him (spoiler alert: it's productivity).
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Raymond Comvalius, IT Infrastructure Architect and Trainer, Hoofddorp

What features in Windows 11 are IT professionals most excited about? What do they use frequently? Raymond shares thoughts on his favorites.
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Jorgen Nilsson, Consultant, for Onevinn AB

Hear reasons why your organization should start moving to Windows 11 today. Jorgen's top two? Modern cloud capabilities and ease of management.
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Hoppy Shaw, Sr. Consultant for EUC, IVOXY Consulting

Hoppy breaks down common questions he hears from organizations about Windows 11 security.
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