Evolving the Windows and Endpoint Manager Customer Connection Programs
Published Jan 25 2023 01:22 PM 16.5K Views

The Customer Connection Program (CCP) is pleased to announce that the Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) and Windows programs will now be operating as one. The new program will now be known as the Microsoft Management Customer Connection Program (MM CCP).

With this merger, the Microsoft Management Customer Connection Program will ensure members have greater access to exclusive virtual calls, focus groups, surveys, Teams discussions, and private previews. Members will continue to engage directly with the engineering teams that build the features and products members use daily, as well as those that are yet to be released.

Are you an IT professional who wants to help Intune and Windows engineers build the right products and services, the right way, as fast as possible? Opt in today at https://aka.ms/JoinMMCCP.

What is the Microsoft Management Customer Connection Program?

The Microsoft Management Customer Connection Program provides opportunities for IT pros to work with Intune and Windows engineering teams to develop solutions that better address commercial customer needs and result in product improvements. This is not a marketing or support program; it is an engineering program. Engineers engage customers to better understand user habits, pains, and recommendations for improvement. These engagements often impact the planning and development cycle long before a solution or feature is released.

Who can join?

Members should be IT pros with deep technical knowledge, committed to product usage, and willing to openly provide actionable feedback. We welcome IT Pros working with Windows, Microsoft Intune Suite, Windows 365, or those responsible for OS, app, and device management.

All members must have a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Microsoft. Not sure if your organization has one in place? Contact your Customer Success Account Manager (CSAM) or primary Microsoft point of contact.

How can I join?

IT pros with an NDA can directly opt-in via https://aka.ms/JoinMMCCP.

If you are already a member of either the Windows or Microsoft Endpoint Management CCP, there is no need to re-opt in. Your membership will be automatically updated.

What are the benefits of joining?

The Microsoft Management Customer Connection Program is a mutually beneficial program. The more insight and actionable feedback you provide, the more we can improve your user experience, and the more engagement opportunities and information you will be able to access. Members that demonstrate this deep commitment to the community will be invited to receive exclusive community influencer benefits and join high-touch engagements, where they will work closely with engineering teams.

Membership benefits

Exclusive influencer benefits

  • Recurring virtual meetings with NDA updates and roadmap information
  • Active Teams discussion channels
  • Private preview awareness
  • Customer to customer learning
  • Virtual badges

Additional Influencer benefits are awarded based on community engagement.

  • Prioritized private preview access
  • Feature-based depth engagements
  • Ongoing communication with engineering teams
  • Invitations to events


Email us at mmccp@microsoft.com.


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