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UniPrint Infinity is the print management solution of the Process Fusion’s Digital Process Automation platform.

UniPrint Infinity integrates with Universal Print by extending its abilities by allowing Print-to-Physical with Secure Release & Print-to-Digital for Process Automation.

With UniPrint Infinity and Universal Print, Microsoft 365 users can print to a “Print-to-Physical Release” queue for password authentication and release at a later time.; They can also send documents into our “Print-to-Digital Workflow” queue which will digitize its content for document processing.

UniPrint Infinity is a device and network agnostics (“DNA”) solution in which print jobs can be sent from Windows and Mac computers, mobile devices such as Android/iOS phones and tablets, and Chromebooks.

How does it work?

UniPrint Infinity Print-to-Physical-Release and Print-to-Digital-Workflow queues are made available by the UniPrint InfinitySend Agent as cloud printers to Azure Active Directory users with a Microsoft 365 subscription.; Users can then simply add these printers from Windows Settings->Devices->Printers & scanners->Add printer, or the administrator can push down printers to any user or group within the organization.

Once the cloud printers are created (no driver is installed) on the user’s device the user simply prints seamlessly like they are normally accustomed to.; Once they press ‘Print’, the job is spooled into the Azure Cloud then routed into the UniPrint Infinity system as a secure PDF/XPS file.

Diagram illustrating how the UniPrint solution interacts with Universal PrintDiagram illustrating how the UniPrint solution interacts with Universal Print

Output to physical

If the user prints to the Print-to-Physical-Release queue, the user can then release their jobs from any mobile device using UniPrint Infinity release apps or physical release device (vPad Pro and MFP Embedded App) to the printer of their choice. All the secure release methods support Microsoft Azure AD authentication to ensure the user has a secure and straightforward experience.

Output to digital

If the user prints to the Print-to-Digital-Workflow queue, they send their job to be digitized for process automation.; The Print-To-Digital feature allows the capture, auto-classification and data extraction of a digital print job using Microsoft Machine Learning and A.I. platform for process automation.;; The result is reducing the error and labor cost associated with manual document processing and accelerate the digital transformation of any paper-centric business processes.

To learn more about additional features and functionality, please visit UniPrint Infinity.


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