Your PC does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for windows 11.

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Hello, So I'm trying to get windows 11 through the Insider program but it says I don't meet the requirements even though I'm pretty sure I do any help is greatly appreciated. 


My Specs 
I7-9700k 3.60 GHz
16gb ddr4

EVGA RTX 3080 XC3 Ultra
10tb of storage 

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Hi here are the basic information - I believe that a clean installation will solve the problem!

but remember that Win11 is under development - it can not be used as a production version - only a test version!

Good luck

I am having the same issue. I have a new build. Bought a new MB and CPU (both are on the compatibility list) for testing. Clean install. Is there a way to clear the initial scan and have Windows verify again?
This is a common question and in the Windows 10, you may open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.


Please - explain what you asked me?  



I am getting the standard "Hardware does not meet..." This is on a complete newly purchased build with approved hardware. The Insider Program screen is telling me I don't meet the requirements. I have looked up everything, and I do meet the requirements. 


Is there a reset or registry setting I can hit that will cause Windows to rescan my machine? 

Also a clean install of the OS...


Just because this is a new computer does not mean that the installed software by the manufacturer does not cause conflicts!
Therefore, to avoid such problems - iso is downloaded from the site to do a clean installation for the Dev Channel.
Notifications in the trial versions are not always true - experience is necessary here.

No, clean "build" as I built it myself. MB, CUP, Mem... ect. It is clean. No manufacturer garbage. I have all the latest ISOs and Microsoft 365. That is not the issue.
I have 20 years under my belt.




In this blog there are links where you will be able to check if you have the correct settings.


Zrzut ekranu 2021-07-13 194814.png

Check for a compatible TPM 2.0 module
"Win + R" - > "tpm.msc"
If the module is not detected check the BIOS settings:
In Security, look for Trusted Computing. The item can be named differently (TPM, PTT, Trusted Platform Module and other options). Select TPM Device Selection. Select PTT.

I have verified all the requirements for Window 11.  I even checked that WDDM version is 2.7  I have 1 TPM, but it's on a PC that I use for maintaining a website, so just how else would I test if Windows 11 will work on production systems and software I use if this site advises not to try Windows 11 on a production environment?  I doubt that I can get another TPM in less than 6 months or more likely in a year, due to COVID impact on the supply chain and the huge chip shortage problems affecting motor vehicles and many other consumer products.  This source also gives little hope that the Windows 11 program will have all the glitches fixed to just enter the Insider Program anytime soon.  I suspect many others will be joining in a year or two, unless some miracles happen?  Well, until Windows Update fixes it so my PC can be re-scanned to verify hardware requirements are met, this is it.  Microsoft Support Case # 1025293473

You can try Windows 11 in a Hyper-V virtual environment, which allows you to emulate a TPM. There are also methods of bypassing the check on the internet, but I don't think this is correct. (
If you have a relatively new computer (up to 4 years old), then there is a high probability that your motherboard supports software emulation of TPM 2.0. In the BIOS, this function is called:

Intel PTT (Platform Trust Technology) - on boards for Intel processors;
AMD fTPM (Firmware-based Trusted Platform Module) - on boards for AMD.
If you have such a function, you can simply enable it in the BIOS settings, without installing external modules.
There is no hardware or software problem. The problem is Windows Insider Program. When Windows Insider Program is fixed by Microsoft, then Windows 11 downloads may be available?
Switch off secure boot.then u will be good to install..

My pc specs : Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7020U CPU @ 2.30GHz 2.30 GHz

RAM : 8.00 GB

Still it it saying Your PC does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for windows 11.what should I do ? I want windows 11 please  @ColbyCouture 

I had the same problem. I have Enabled the PTT(for Gigabyte motherboard with Intel Processor) in the BIOS setup, and the message has gone and now I am able to install Windows 11!