Xbox App not Installing games or running already installed games under Windows 11

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I have been using the Xbox app on Windows 10 to install and play games under Game Pass, and it had been working fine for the 2 months that I built my new system. I joined the Microsoft Insider Program and update Windows 10 Pro to Windows 11 Pro via the Beta channel. After the update I could no longer download any new game from the Xbox app, nor could I play any of my games that were already installed. Downloading a new game just brings up error code 0x000000001, and trying to play any game that I already had installed just opens up the Microsoft Store and goes straight to the Microsoft Game Services app. I have already exhausted all the help I could from Xbox support, as well help from a Microsoft Agent, but they were unable to resolve the issue.

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Go to Settings > System > Recovery > Go back to back to Windows 10. As this is a better choice for your situation.