Windows update error 0x80070002


I have been trying to update my system to Windows 11(10.0.22000.120) (KB5005188) but it is giving an error of 0x80070002

I have read a lot of articles but not fixed yet pls help 



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you have corrupted files you will need to fix this in the cmd.


NOTE: Make sure to run these commands in CMD in admin mode. write CMD in the windows 11 search in the taskbar and right click and run as admin


DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth > then run sfc /scannow 


You may need to make sure the time and date are correct so go to the control panel (search this in the windows 11 search in the taskbar). and go to the following


click on Clock and region > than click date and time > then click internet tab beside additional clocks > then click change setting.


you with be given a window called Internet Time Settings just click  update now then click OK. I know this may seem a bit odd, but it could be one of the reason. there's a article that explains it better then i could ever do.