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Make OS simpler in structure and access

So it doesn't crash much and fasten confirmation system process

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Not sure about your requirements and what you are asking is too generic.
However, the Windows team will review all bugs, errors, crashes and other issues and improve the Windows and make it better and faster and improve the quality and that is why there are regular updates.
Also note that many times third-party drivers and applications are causing crash and slow performance.
Yes, what i ask is intentionally the too generic section of windows
Specifically it's OS overall

Even with regular updates, windows still lagging and demand too much confirmation on everything (including third-party drivers) which make everything lagging and even crashes, which is bad PC experience.

My solution is, fasten that part and make the system (every part of it) less complicated so it has shorter waiting time (every kind of waiting experience during using pc) and less of problems for people using it.
Improving the performance and reliability is the goal of the Windows team.
Do you have any specific feedback like which part need what kind of improvement?
What you mention is easy to say but it is hard to implement.
It's reliability still need improvements

That's my point, I know it's easy to say and hard to realize but at least microsoft know their work need to be more intense
Microsoft has several resources to collect feedback and there are teams to analyze reports and they are working on improving the Windows.
Good to know, but still i need to pointed this out.


Hi, I may ask what builds of Windows, do you have on your computer?
Generally, public editions are updated automatically and there are no problems you write about.
Perhaps your system configuration is not correct? this is often a problem for users.

mine is ni_build 22622
it's from beta channel insider program
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Thank you very much participation in the Insider Program is a great help in the development of Windows.

I will add that the diagnostic data is automatically transferred to Microsoft, your contribution is visible, greetings.

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