Windows insider "Fix the Problem" not working

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Hello! Windows insider program doesn't seem to be working. Every time I hit the "Get Started" tab, it will not allow me to register in. I hit the register button, it tells me to sign-up, then I agree to the terms of service and hit the "Submit" tab, it says "you're good to go", I close, it loads....and than it restarts by telling me to Register again. I've restarted my pc, etc, nothing is happening. Please help

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I suggest you to sign up at official Windows Insider website:

Then try switching to Microsoft account with your Windows Insider email ID. Now start configuring Windows Insider settings.

See if it helps!

Hello! Sadly, I have done all those things already before coming here for help >.< I have signed in, did everything it has asked and under the 2."Flight" step, it led me to the "open settings" tab which opened my settings...and its still doing the same thing. Its taking me in circles and nothing is going forward.

I later went to the "Get Help" to chat with customer support and they quickly directed me to come here for help.