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On the insider site, Windows Dev Canary is listed as the latest update Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25381

But I have 25399 how can that be and haven't had an update for 3 weeks.


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Yes it is


It looks like you're up to date (updates in this channel are not released regularly.)


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25399 is not released as of now. Amazed to read that you've that build number before release.

Worth to mention, Dev and Canary are different channels.

Latest build on Dev right now: 23493

Latest build on Canary right now: 25381

@KapilArya  Hi,

" We will offer limited documentation for the Canary Channel, but we will not publish a blog post for every flight – only when new features are available in a build. We will continue to provide blog posts for Dev, Beta, and Release Preview releases like we do normally."

This is an excerpt from the Insider Blog that explains this ;)

Hi @Evert1957,

Build 25905 was released to the Canary Channel today check the details here:
Thanks i get it

Yup, that's true and I know that already :)

But 25399 was never released (I never received it, despite I am in Canary channel), I can't find even a tweet from Windows Insider regarding this.

AFAIK, last build was 25393 and then now we have 25905. Or did I miss something!

I'm guessing 25399 was a typo meaning 25393
Would anyone here know why we don't see the Canary build option in intune? ie: in the update ring for windows 10 or 11 when you choose to enable the preview build you only get "Dev Channel" , "Beta Channel" and "Windows Insider" if this doesn't belong here please point me in the right direction.
Yup, it seems.