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I opted for the windows preview build insider and started using Windows Copilot by pressing Win AND C option. But I changed to Windows Beta program and the Copilot stopped working. The Icon is displayed on the Taskbar. But the shortcut is not making the Copilot open.



The copilot button is shown on the takbar not not happening anything when I press it.

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See if this fix helps you:


Let us know if this helps!

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I am an IT Technician and figured out the copilot not opening issue, you have to delete your Edge profile and then it works fine. Hope this helps.

@ramasu63777Update as 0842 hours EDT on May 23, 2024

Everything seemed fine until yesterday afternoon, when my town had a major power outage caused by a downed tree.  This morning, I got the dreaded "Content is blocked.  Contact the site owner to fix the issue."


I checked to make sure I was logged in to the Microsoft systems (including here.)

I checked my WiFi connex:  some of the messages (I checked on my Microsoft Windows 11 desktop, my iPhone and my iPad) said my WiFi signal was weak.  That wasn't true.


I finally found a news report this morning that says the problem is with them, not me.  Here's the link.  I think all we have to do is hang tight, for how long I cannot say. 


Microsoft Bing issue takes down Copilot, DuckDuckGo, and ChatGPT search features (


That is such a poor answer. Every time Edge has an issue, some alleged IT genius says "Reset settings" or "Delete your profile". Then you have to start from scratch again resetting everything up again. That is not a solution. Find the root cause and fix that.


The whole “use Edge” delete your profile nonsense is ongoing and I think endemic to the app.  Which is why I refuse to use it.