Windows 12 as far as i know?

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As per this thread created, i got some information about Windows 12, which is:

  • Windows 12 is coming about late 2024 or early 2025.
  • Windows 12 is possibly already show up on Canary Channel although it is not officially confirmed.
  • Several news sources say that HP give a hint if around October 2024, the Windows 11 version 24H2 (or Windows 11 2024 Update) is released, while HP is keep silent about Windows 12, which is possibly Windows 12 will be delayed a bit later after Windows 11 24H2 released.
  • System requirements for Windows 12 is definitely higher than Windows 11. Windows 12 still require TPM 2, Secure Boot support, and processor that capable to use hardware accelerated VBS properly, such as processor that released on 2018 and later. Windows 12 require minimum 8 GB of ram and possibly still same 64 GB disk space, while SSD is becoming a mandatory. Actually, Windows 12 require special hardware named NPU (Neural Processing Unit) for all features in Windows 12 is working properly, but since the NPU is still very expensive to acquire (or basically you need an Intel Core Ultra 5 125U at least), so these requirements should be optional.
  • Information about whether Windows 12 will be a subscription based operating system or not is still unclear, but most speculation says that Windows 12 is not required to subscribe to use.

That's it from me. If you got any more further information about Windows 12, you can share here.

Thanks to XDA that give me a big overview about Windows 12.

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@Deleted Hi,

It seems that the content was edited with the help of AI, but that doesn't mean it's true :)

What you mentioned is NOT official and some of them are information from websites. However, there is NO official announcement or news from Microsoft at this moment. In case, you are wonder about official announcement about upcoming version of Windows, keep an eye on:
As you can see, currently there is no announcement about Windows 12.
Of course is it. That all is just only my speculation. I have acknowledged that Microsoft maybe sometimes cancelled the Windows 12 and continuing Windows 11 with its 2024 Update.
No, it's pure my own writing at all with no help of AI, i just gather any information available on article and news.
As a former Windows Insider MVP, I can confirmed that so far there is no Windows 12 made available. Whatever information you heard or seen are most likey just rumors. Pls stay tune for the official Windows Blog or Microsoft website announcement!

@Little_JoeGot some information, this one from pcworld said that Windows 12 is available on june 2024 based on pc maker speculation (Reference), but i think it will not gonna happen this fast, because Windows 11 itself still needs a many bug fixing.

Yes, of course no that soon. But given the fact of they changed product line relaese cycle, there indeed have a chance to relase later this year.... But that's a big IF.