windows 11 widget language issue

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hey there, I just updated to windows 11, and I am facing an issue with widgets, not able to change the lang of it, tried most of the ways to change it but still had no success.


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Hello @Nikhil_Gupta,


See if this guide helps you:


Let me know if this helps!

Thanks for the reply,
But I did try that already it just changes the lang of not the widgets at the taskbar.
In that case, I suggest you to drop a feedback for this. Hopefully, we can see a dedicated option in upcoming builds, if the feedback worked.
I am experiencing the same issue. Their language/localization settings do not seem to be connected.
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Just found a solution: Change windows display language and logoff then login, you'll find Widgets in desired language. Note: I had Widgets in Arabic, tried to change language in website to United States (English) but the language only changed for website (which is opened in Edge) then had this thought: Wait, how would changing website language changes an app language. So i changed Region to United States and Tada: Widgets became in English.
**bleep**, that actually worked, but also they should give an option to change the lang to our desire even tho we live in some other country.. hope so before the final release of Windows 11 they make these changes.


The way described does work, I did have all the information in arabic despite the fact the system was with french a language paramaeter. In order to get it in french did change the region first United States, did log off and log on, received information in english. then did repaeated the manipulation, but this time use as region France, log off and and log in again and this time get everything in Franch.

I just did that. Thank you. I'm hoping that Microsoft can make this easier.

@he problem still exist with the SandBox, impossible du change de language. When calling Edge still receiving everything in arabic depite the fact my system is configured in french.

I have the same issue. I live in Belgium. The widget appears in Dutch. When I click on "Personalise your interest", it opens a personalisation page in MS Edge where I can switch to French. Unfortunately, the widget remains in Dutch. (the interface language for Windows 11 is well English (UK)).


Welcome to the club!

I have exactly same situation. Living in Belgium with languages set in Windows as English first and French second. The widgets page appears in Dutch ! Going through the 'instellingen' (yes, you have to know the dutch for 'settings') temporarily changes the language on the MSN website, but not on the widgets page.

For me this Widgets page is a big fail. I could have a use for the calendar and weather, but the MSN clickbait news are just an annoying distraction, and of course, you can remove all widgets except the news!

All this to push users to Edge so that MS can record your browsing history for advertising purposes (default behavior). Thanks but no thanks...

No, it doesn't. No effect whatsoever on the widget page

@ovancantfort I concur. I just installed the official build of Windows 11, and the widgets language setting is not changed despite all above mentioned language settings.

@cpsharp I have the same issue. I live in Hungary, I use the system in hungarian. But for some reason, widgets are is some language I'm not even familiar with. Not even the letters... maybe some arabic stuff?
I get that there are workarounds, but this is somethings, that would REALLY need solving very soon, as Win11 is out. This is not a beta build, but the final :D

After some more testing, my educated guess is the language settings of the Widgets work as follow:
- you can only get a country-language combination that exists on MSN website. So, for Belgium, I can only get BE-NL (Dutch) or BE-FR (French). English language for example is not possible;
- Country is given by Windows region settings.
- Language is given by Windows display language settings. In my case, this is english. As BE-EN does not exist in MSN, Widgets default to BE-NL.
The crazy thing is that the store language has the same limitations, but uses the first preferred language and not the display language, as explicitly mentioned in the settings. By setting first preferred language to French, I got Belgian store in French language, but the Widgets does not use that.
As I vastly prefer to keep the UI in English, I disabled Widgets for the moment.
Really looks like this feature was rushed...
Just by curiosity, and to test my theory, could you check what are your region, display language and preferred languages settings ?

@ovancantfort I changed the display language to FR and the widget finally appears in FR. You are indeed right.

display language : French
Region : France
Prreferred language: Franch

@ovancantfort It seems the region settings control the widgets language, such as the newsfeed. Though I prefer to keep my region as Japan, but still read the news in English. I wish Windows 11 had an option for this, or had set the widgets language to the display language.