Windows 11: Turn the "Show more options" context menu into a slide down menu


Turn the "Show more options" context menu into a slide down menu and show those extra options in modern style


Change the Windows 11 context menu so that when user clicks/taps on "show more options", the context menu expands and the rest of the options become visible in the same modern style with a sliding down animation, possibility with the ability for user to scroll up/down through the options (with mouse wheel or touch).


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With 22000.71, Microsoft has REMOVED the ability to alter the registry to make the OS revert to the old Context Menu, which is BAD. Either update the new Context Menu to incorporate CONSTANTLY used commands, like COPY, CUT, and PASTE or undo disabling the new menu via the Registry. Microsoft Engineers, don't you understand HOW MANY TIMES A DAY people USE the old Context Menu, and introducing an additional click of "Show More Options", is really a terrible idea.

Agree, especially for developers, I use a lot "open with code", "Edit with Notepad++", "7zip" every day. Clicking twice is super annoying.
I am even curious about how Microsoft developers use Windows 11 every day, or do they all use Mac and are not aware of Windows experience.
Please, and allow configure this feature on the system.