Windows 11 taskbar on top

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Are there any plans in the near future to add the functionality to put the taskbar where we want it, not where Microsoft wants it?  I am not upgrading until I can move mine to the top.  Already reverted back to Windows 10 for this reason alone.  

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You are right this option is not available.
There are some tricks using Registry or third-party tools but I never recommend them.
I advise you to open the Feedback Hub app and look for similar feedbacks in this area and upvote it and if it doesn't exist create a new one.

@RGW60  Hi

As far as I know, the Windows team is planning for Windows11 - a lot of improvements that will improve productivity this autumn!

I think that the Microsoft community in many posts criticizes this change, which frustrates many users!

Official information is not available, but I'm sure users will be able to

customize the taskbar.