windows 11 taskbar not showing any icons

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so I recently updated to windows 11 and it was working fine. then one day I log in and at the bottom, on the taskbar, there are no icons so I can't even get to settings or my browser. luckily I had brave pinned to my home page and that is how I'm able to write this. it has been like this for a day. I have an i5 and 8GB ram so that cant be the issue so I don't know what is happening or how (if I can) to go back to windows 10.

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hey, i have this same problem too, and i dont know what to, plus i have assignments and exams to do this week and all of them are inside my laptop. i just need a soloution asap.

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hey @Alan_935 i found this on another thread, and it actually worked and helped me soo much. i hope this helps you too


thank you so much helped me a lot. :)

In case anyone missed it, the Windows team has provided a workaround to resolve the issue

It's in the Windows Insider blog for each release, dev and beta.

I can confirm it works and I'm back to normal.