Windows 11 taskbar issue

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Hello, recently i've upgraded from win 10 to win 11 and everything is running smooth except for the UI for taskbar it's all the same as 10 and start menu along with search are not working so is there anyway to get the UI of windows 11 and make them work?

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Hi I also wrote about it - Windows11 removed the possibility of settings!

also wants to have it as Win10 need to report to Microsoft engineers

Thanks for responding, however i'm just wondering if you ever got a fix for it i can't totally use tasbar at all not even a restart or shut down i've to use CTRL+ALT+DEL to do it also i still got the old UI from win 10 in there seems weird.

P.S: my laptop meet the requirements also i didn't customize anything that was first time update through windows insider
Yes, I assumed that this is due to a change of interface, but for you there is a big error - if the next update does not fix it you have to do a clean installation of Win.
Well, that only happened when i downgraded first time, I actually upgraded through insider when it was first released and it was working smoothly but later i downgraded though the reset function in windows update and when i upgraded once again this time this issue happened, and yeah i really consider doing a reset for the windows but thing is how there is no tool to check missing windows files and readding it.


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