Windows 11 taskbar issue

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Hello, recently i've upgraded from win 10 to win 11 and everything is running smooth except for the UI for taskbar it's all the same as 10 and start menu along with search are not working so is there anyway to get the UI of windows 11 and make them work?

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Hi I also wrote about it - Windows11 removed the possibility of settings!

also wants to have it as Win10 need to report to Microsoft engineers

Thanks for responding, however i'm just wondering if you ever got a fix for it i can't totally use tasbar at all not even a restart or shut down i've to use CTRL+ALT+DEL to do it also i still got the old UI from win 10 in there seems weird.

P.S: my laptop meet the requirements also i didn't customize anything that was first time update through windows insider
Yes, I assumed that this is due to a change of interface, but for you there is a big error - if the next update does not fix it you have to do a clean installation of Win.
Well, that only happened when i downgraded first time, I actually upgraded through insider when it was first released and it was working smoothly but later i downgraded though the reset function in windows update and when i upgraded once again this time this issue happened, and yeah i really consider doing a reset for the windows but thing is how there is no tool to check missing windows files and readding it.


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@A1-A1 Hello,
Mohamed didn't really explain clearly, but I'm experiencing the exact same issue as he is. I have Windows 11 preview Version 10.0.22000.100 installed, and the taskbar hasn't updated properly. The Windows 10 taskbar remains, and as such, the start menu does not open. Here's a screenshot that shows what I see: 2021-07-29_22-39-51.jpg
I have tried using sfc /scannow, and tried rolling back + reinstalling that build, with no luck. When I press the Windows key on my keyboard, or click the start button or search button, nothing happens. 

I'm facing the exact same issue. I went back from Dev version to Windows 10 last month and installed the beta version today.

I tested further. Created a new user with my wife's Microsoft account. It started with the proper new account 'Hi' thing and showed the correct Win 11 start menu.

This leads me to believe there is an issue in the User account migration. Removing the user account and adding it back should be able to fix this however I'm yet to test it.

@Hardeep Singh 

I think the Microsoft team deliberately left the taskbar after the old!
I'm used to it and want to have it at the top of the screen!
if everything works well then Windows11 and the old Windows10 taskbar - for me it's very good!

It's not what you think. Start menu and search bar looks like the old version but it doesn't work. Nothing happens when you click on it or press Windows button.
Now I understand !
It is necessary to report to the engineering team!
But I actually don't want so many changes in Windows11
Guys, I've submitted feedback on this issue on Feedback hub. Please upvote and submit your own feedback

I'm on DEV but Beta is currently is in the same version (.100). Some of the issues reported by Beta have already been reported by DEV users last week. But, this taskbar issue seems to be happening to a few people even on the Feedback Hub on the Beta side of updating to Windows 11 Build 22000.100. I haven't had the experience, but I know others are facing it. I would say report it to Microsoft Feedback to prevent in future builds or go back to Windows 10 through Settings, Windows Update, Advanced Options, Recovery, Go Back than if you want try going back into the Beta Channel and re-downloading .100 again or simply just wait into the next build of Windows 11 Beta. 

Also make sure your Start Menu is set to center and not left. Windows 11 currently has the option to have Start Menu in the center or left of Taskbar. Right click taskbar, click on Taskbar Settings, Taskbar, Taskbar Behaviors, Taskbar Alignment, and set it to Center if it's not already.
That is not the problem. You can't interact with the start menu at all. It is some kind of user profile corruption as any new accounts get the correct Win 11 Taskbar and start menu.
Agreed, and I would honestly be REALLY happy if I had the option to keep the windows 10 style taskbar (if it worked). I hate the fact that they removed the option to show labels in the taskbar, making it icon-only.
I don't know. I went from Windows 10 DEV to Windows 11 DEV when the first DEV build was released and I didn't have the Taskbar issue. I know even then some people had the issue of the Windows 10 taskbar showing up in the Windows 11 build and reported it on Feedback Hub last month. It's happened again with this build it seems. At first some people thought Microsoft was testing different versions of a Windows 11 Taskbars in the same build but it seems that wasn't the case and it's some type of issue some people experience when going over to Windows 11. I guess one can wait into the next Beta Channel build is released.
It was there up into build .100 through a registry edit. People found a way to return the taskbar to the Windows 10 taskbar on Windows 11 through a registry edit hack. But Microsoft patched it before the last Dev release so that hack no longer worked. It seems if Microsoft had any intentions of keeping a classic taskbar format for a Windows 10 taskbar option in Windows 11 then they changed course and will be only allowing the Windows 11 taskbar in Windows 11. However, like I said in an above reply, you can still option to have the start menu position to the left.

I like the current Windows 11 taskbar/start menu, but I understand people still like the old Windows 10 version.
You didn't understand the problem though. I want the new taskbar but I'm stuck with the old one. And the start menu doesn't even work leaving the system unusable.
I do understand the problem. Some people have had the same problem going back to earlier DEV builds of Windows 11. Their taskbar is still Windows 10 taskbar or it's simply unstable and not usable. You have a few options right now. You can wait into the next Beta (or DEV) Channel builds to see if it's corrected or you can revert back to Windows 10 via "Go Back" and try to re-install the Windows 11 22000.100 build and see if it installs correctly this time or you can revert back to Windows 10 and wait into a later time to join the Beta Channel when you think you're computer can better run the builds or wait into the stable release of Windows 11.