Windows 11 Taskbar Color custom for each desktop !!!

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I love the ability to have multiple Desktops in Windows 11, but it would be really helpful to have a different Taskbars for each one to customize the applications I use for each Desktop. (Scenerio: I have a work desktop and a personal desktop, I'd want Teams and Adobe on my Work Desktop Taskbar, but not on my personal. And on my Personal Desktop Taskbar, apps like Prime Video or Facebook would be nice, etc.)

I've done some searching on this and cannot find anything, so I'm guessing this is just a design limation. Has anyone found a way to do this?

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I agree totally. It is such an obvious feature. Let’s make Windows 11 less miserable than MSTeams
Agree completely, being able to customise and compartmentalise your digital environment is so key these days for productivity and mental health. Win11 Desktops currently leak into each other so aren't providing this properly.

Yes - same here! We need separate Taskbars for each additional virtual desktop - it makes total sense. 



As you mentioned, there are technical limitation like they are just virtual desktops and what you are requesting would have some technical complexity. However, I advise you to file a feedback in the Feedback Hub app.
100% - The whole idea of having different desktops is so that you can set each one up based on whatever task set you are working on. The common ones are WORK and PERSONAL. But one might have several "WORK" desktops too. Especially of they have multiple jobs like me. WORK-DEVELOPER, WORK-PRESALES, WORK-ARCHITECT, etc.
Make sure file a Suggestion in the Feedback Hub app.
Me too!! It defeats the whole purpose of having separate desktops if your taskbar is a mixture of desktops without distinguishing one from another.