Windows 11 - Taskbar behavior and user control

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In Windows 11 - What happened to the ability to size the Taskbar to more than 1 row...


...and to size the icons on the Taskbar to our preference ?


...also when will Taskbars on 2/multiple monitors be addressed ?


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This is the only workaround at present, but not really practical, and not recommended:

Thanks @davequail this addresses the icon size. Do you have a solution for the 1st part ?
In Win10 I sized my Taskbar on Monitor 1 (15" laptop) to double size and pretty much filled both rows with small app icons. On Monitor 2 (32") the Taskbar is single row, again with small (and the same) icons.

So I have Taskbars on both monitors, and use both of them.

Currently I can't even use the 2nd monitor as it cancels out Taskbars on both screens.

Yeah, Windows 11 doesn't (at least at the time of my post) have an official way to resize the taskbar to be larger or small nor can it be moved to other parts of the screen (top, left, right). People have mentioned this on the Feedback Hub asking for the option to both resize the taskbar and allow it to also be movable to the top, left, right of the screen, but no changes have shown up in DEV versions as of yet. So as of right now the only official option is to keep the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, and at the same size it's at.
Thanks @Anthony. Guess I'll just have to be content with my laptop screen until this is addressed/fixed.


Changing the scaling throughout Windows enlarges all items!

Please check this at a magnification of 120% up to 150% in advanced screen settings, and of course log out 

My thanks to you all... however after the last day of rolling/continual reboots since yesterday morning, I've reverted to my last Win 10 ver.... and so I'll just wait for Win 11 until it's ready for primetime. Too much else to do!


I really understand it!
I also have a similar opinion as you.
Good luck!

Good luck to you all also !

Hi Team,


Taskbar is not getting displayed on extended screens and this is really troublesome. I never faced this issue earlier untill I changed my machine with Windows 11 Enterprose OS few days back. Can you please get this issue issue asap ?