Windows 11 Start menu /taskbar issue

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I suffer from this problem 

is there a solution ?!

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Do you have an AMD processor? It only happens on my machine with AMD Ryzen.

No it isn't the processor causing it, But I am here to help,
Thanks, what causes this issue and how to resolve?
OK, this is just a migration issue of the profile. If you create a new local account you get the Windows 11 taskbar. Seems to be an issue of the 1st Beta. Prior Dev build migrated the profile OK but built-in Sound on my Asus Zen 14 didn't work. Now with the Beta sound works but taskbar is corrupt. I guess some room for improvement. I wait for the next beta version if nobody has any solution.

I'm having this problem with Win11 taskbar though. The core issue seems the same: start button/tray icons don't work, so I guess there's more to it.

May I know which Beta or dev build you are currently on ? @tinefol and @twilkl 

That was on Windows 11 insider preview 22000.100

Upgraded -> taskbar (W11 style) is broken -> rollback to W10
Upgraded again -> taskbar (W11 style) still broken -> rollback to W10 again.
How many times did you roll back ?
As I said, twice. On W10 now, waiting for acknowledged fix, as I can't use my PC with those problems.

Please give the following information for better understanding of this problem
TPM Version
ROM Amount
RAM Amount
Display Resolution

Clock Speed

Try to download the update on Windows 10 from UUP Dump. Do report me back what happens when you try to download from there but Download This Update - Build 22000.65 because Build 22000.100 has some updates to the taskbar which might have got bugs on your pc.

TPM 2.0
ROM amount I'm unsure about? Bios ROM chip size? B550 Aorus Pro MB, so 32Mb chip
Ryzen 9 5900x
3840x2160 primary display, 1920x1080 secondary display
Clock Speeds are AMD stock, aka 3,7ghz base clock with boost of up to 4.9ghz, average desktop use clocks are around 4ghz (reported by HWiNFO).

Thanks, I'll try that
Good, No need to worry about specifications
Sure, I will be there to help always until it gets fixed


 Still as broken on 22000.65, had to revert again, can't use it :(



ok, Wait a minute

here work for me! 22000.100
Please follow @ralle49 step.

Thãnks -tronix- Translation:

"The following helped me:
Uninstall update KB5004300. Restart, Win 11 taskbar is present, but still in Win 10 style. Update now and install KB5004300. Then everything works:grinning_face:
Greetings from Germany"