Windows 11 start menu not clickable

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When the taskbar is centered i can't click inside the start menu but if i place it on the left, it is possible. Then the terminal had the same problem, if i place it on the center i can't click but i can in the left. It's like something is blocking the screen center. The problem only happens with this programs, it is very weird. I attached a video.
The problem goes away if i only enable the second display and then only enable the primary display.
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Hello @IsidroP,


Try to re-register Start Menu using these steps: 


1. Open Task Manager, click File > Run new task. 


2. Type powershell in the Create new task box. Check the option 'Create this task with administrative privileges'. Click OK. 


3. In the administrative Windows PowerShell window, type/paste following and press Enter key: 


Get-appxpackage -all *shellexperience* -packagetype bundle |% {add-appxpackage -register -disabledevelopmentmode ($_.installlocation + "\appxmetadata\appxbundlemanifest.xml")}


4. Let it complete and then restart your system. 


If issue still persists, kindly report to Feedback hub.


Let us know if this helps!

Hallo, bei mir ist das Startmenü auch nicht aufklappbar. Die Anleitung inklusive Neustart hat nicht geholfen. Das Startmenü ist immer noch nicht aufrufbar.
The problem persists after doing these steps
A workaround I found is pressing CTRL + WIN + SHIFT + B to reset video drivers and it fixes this problem at least during that session.