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Hello Everyone,

I like the new spinning circle Windows 11 has for turning your device on or off and also in the Microsoft Store but I think it should also have it for logging in and all the others.


What do the rest of you think?  If you like this, please mention it in the Feedback Hub.



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I know as of Dev Channel build 22458.1000 the progressive solid ring circle comes up when booting up Windows or installing a new update, but the old dotted ring circle is in other places such as when booting down or shutting off computer. I could be wrong, but I believe it's a work in progress that started in 22449.1000 and with each build we'll eventually see it in place throughout Windows. I believe the current Dev Channel builds right now are for testing out development branch builds that are focused on the Fall, 2022 Major Update. So we're seeing features that are in the early stages of development and not yet finished or not yet completed or not yet fully tested yet that may or may not be in the Fall, 2022 major update release. 

Thank you, Anthony!
On a side note I also like the progressive solid ring circle. I like the dotted ring circle too, but the solid circle ring fits nice with Windows 11 and to me displays better on the screen.
I agree! That is why I was asking. It didn't make much sense to have two different rings.
Yeah, I just think it's a work in progress issue. It's not yet completed in having it throughout Windows 11, but it will be by the Fall, 2022 release. I can be wrong. But with Dev builds from the Development Branch this is where we see the new development of features that may or may not be complete in the early Dev builds of that feature and will only progress with each build (if they decide to keep it in at all.) These builds are being called Nickel builds because they aren't specific tied to any specific release version of Windows and for trying out new features that probably won't be out for some time. Check this out: