Windows 11 sound problem

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since i upgraded to windows 11, my laptop has no sound. I was trying update and reinstalling my sound driver but its still not working.

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@HenryYang I'm also having the same problem, tried updating the drivers and disabling and enabling the speaker. Nothing seems to solve the problem.

Same here, had sound, and spend the day trying to fix. No success. I have a realtek, if that helps.



You can run the system sound repair tool - but you need to follow the steps when you try to repair and accept the next steps you can repeat the attempt 2 times.

I believe that the Ryaltek card should not cause a problem. 


What is `system sound repair tool`? got any links? Tried searching through the settings and windows search + goolging without much success.


Windows> Update and Security settings> troubleshooting> additional troubleshooting tools> resolve audio issues
It's all in your PC settings - no links

Well, it was the same problem for me, nothing worked, tried uninstalling an reinstalling audio drivers, troubleshooting several times but no success, until I reset my PC and installed Windows 11 through the Reset Option, and voila, it fixed my audio problems

@HenryYang  I installed yesterday , no real problems :smile:  OS build 22000.100

Sound is working Asus Xonar AE , problem is Headphones dont work ? option is greyed out , Removed card UN-installed software restart and installed all again , still no Headphone option ??

I too have this problem,
Each and every drivers, settings are perfect.
I'm currently using asus zenbook um425IA ryzen version and 309 BIOS.
Also function keys to chamge brightness or sound and other keys are not working.

Though I found a solution,
After it automatically goes to sleep,
And after opening it, everything works perfectly fine.

Set the sleep time min.
So system automatically goes to sleep and it works perfectly fine.
i'm using same zenbook and 309 BIOS too with same problem. I was tyring let it sleep but the problem still not solve.
You reset your pc using keep my files option or erase everything?


I can't even find the Realtek speakers, in the settings to troubleshoot that, but audio works with bluetooth headphones.

Funnily enough when on the Insider programme for win10 I had exactly the same problem with sound card ? and same again on win 11
Keep ur files.

@Ron Willsher Well I know it sounds amateurish but try restarting once, it worked for me! 

I don't know if anyone has had the same problem as me.
After updating to win 11 I can use the sound normally.


But then win 11 asked me to update more 2021-07 Cumulative Update Preview for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 11 for x64 (KB5004342). After the update is done, my computer uses a web browser or plays a game and it sounds like the speaker is broken. But when opening an audio or movie file in the drive, it plays the speaker as usual. Is the KB5004342 update file causing the sound problem?

tried several times , even took card out restarted uninstalled all drivers and software .
Restarted shut down then reinstalled everything still the same :(


i have the sam problem on the same machine. no fn keys, no sound.

the fproposed fix with the sleep settings unfortunately didnt do the job.

U will need to reset your PC, u can keep ur files, and Choose the option "Install Win11 from Cloud" while resetting

Make sure u have a highspeed bandwidth connection with over 10GB of Internet Data atleast
Yes, Same problem after framework update, sound system makes pulsing noises every 8 to 10 seconds, sounds like a bad speaker, tried everything, no fix, rolled back to 10 was just fine, saw this and will try 11 again without other updates.....