Windows 11 sound problem

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since i upgraded to windows 11, my laptop has no sound. I was trying update and reinstalling my sound driver but its still not working.

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I thought I had my issues resolved. Then Microsoft released a patch and killed my sound again. I can repair it and sound functions for a couple of minutes and then stops again. This is getting crazy and frustrating.

HI @HenryYang 


My friend and I had exactly the same problem! We've tried almost anything, without success(also some of the fixes here!). The thing that worked for me was resetting the Win Audio Service, there were some bugs at the beginning when I installed W11 but this fixed it. While he just reinstalled the sound driver and fix it in a few steps.

We followed this guide here, maybe will help you as well.


Cheers guys

@Matty8960  ty for the info but i had to do a clean install because I was running a Win 10/11 upgrade didn't play nice so i had win 10 and win 11 hybrid actually ran and it would still game but stop and go playing. Now clean fresh new OS smell even.


@Matty8960  Headphones are not even listed on troubleshooter  ?  and it did not help but thanks

Hi @Brian_C,
Great to hear you fix it and now you can use it!
All the best!
Hi Rob,
I can't open the screenshot.
My problem was with the audio, I don't use headphones so can't help you with this info.
As @Brian C said you can try a clean install of Win11, this can be very useful as well.




Received and installed a new Dell PC with Windows 11 on Dec 31, 2021.  It's been work great since then, although yesterday a sound issue suddenly appeared. While working in Presonus Studio One 4, audio playback of one of the mic'd instruments randomly cuts out. This occurs whether playback is through the Focusrite 8i6 interface or Windows 11 controlled speakers. I've screened dozens of messages on this board and others about the random cut out issue, which apparently has popped up many times over the last few years. I have tried numerous solutions such as increasing block size, increasing ability to control drop outs, etc etc.  So far, no solution tweaking either Studio One controls of the interface or Windows 11 controls over audio.  Can anyone suggest potential solutions? Thank you!

@HenryYang I do have a same problem in my laptop.. Did anyone found solution for this issue

Audio on my new PC with Windows 11 worked perfectly from installation on 12/31/21 until two days ago, Jan. 14.  That's when audio playback began to randomly cut out for a few seconds here and there.


My PC got a Cumulative Windows Update two days before on Jan. 12.


I'm willing to blame Microsoft for this one. Either or both of these Windows 11 updates are the likely culprits. Microsoft, are you listening?


2022-01 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5009566)

2022-01 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 11 for x64 (KB5008880)

Hey, I'm having similar problems, but instead of having no sound at all. My headphones only work on 1 side when I plug into the mic jack. It isn't a problem with my headphones because it does it with EVERY PAIR, I plug them in and it either plays on the Left or Right. it started on 01-14-22 when I first downloaded the win11 update, but I thought it was an internal error with my PC but when I restarted it and re-updated it happened again, and if I Barley plug them in it plays on both sides, but it sounds muffled and more trebly than it should. I've already tested plugging my headphones into other devices (they work in my phone and other computer.) I feel like it's a driver issue, but I could be wrong.

Is there a way to fix this? If anyone says "buy a new pc" I swear I'm just not going to use Headphones anymore, this thing costs like 800$ not buying another one.
No no, don't buy anything. It's most certainly the last update on 01.14.2022, and besides those fixes, not sure if there is more you can do, at the moment.
The best solution is to try them out and wait, Microsoft is messing up things... more than usual.
Its NOT the update , The sound problem has been here since the first release
Just answering @bloguser01394343431970's post.... since it's encountering this problem after 01.14 (and not before) this could be one reason. Easy.

Some additional information that may be helpful to Microsoft:  since the 1/14/22 Windows 11 update, I've also experienced trouble with my Focusrite 8i6 audio interface. It was previously configured to 48khz / 24 bit depth for audio processing.  Now, when Windows 11 boots, it only recognizes the Focusrite at 44khz / 16 bit depth.  When I reset the Focusrite to 48/24, and then try to confirm that within either Studio One 4 or Windows audio controls, it reverts to the 44/16 default.


Bottom line: Windows 11 is very unstable for audio processing. I would not have ordered a new, powerful PC with Windows 11 had I known about this problem. Frankly, my studio work is dead in the water and I'm not amused.

Today a new Windows 11 update arrived. After installation, the same audio issues exist. NO SOLUTION.

2022-01 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5010795)
I had enough and did a usb install back to win 10 and my issue remained but it wasn't adding up so I checked my x77 chipset drivers and they had been deleted. I didn't do a reinstall of windows yet after installing the driver inf. Everything is working now perfectly. Somehow during the update to 11 my mb chipset drivers were deleted. Check your chipset drivers yall.

ok so I've already announced that my computer's sound went haywire when I first received the win11 update, at first it was bearable because I could plug my jack in halfway and it would work. now my sound is completely dead, I plug my headphones/headsets in, and the audio is all static and then dies. I've tested the same accessories on my phone and other computers, and it works just fine, win11 is pretty terrible in my eyes, and I'm wondering if Microsoft will ever fix it because sound isn't the only problem my computer's having with this dumb update. if you ask me this is a downgrade, and I wish I never installed this shit, does anyone have answers? windows 11 murdered my pc. 

Figured that out myself to. Fought for 2 months and came out looking like Rocky after Apollo beat the stuffing out of him. Now running clean install of 10 but it still has issues not present before namely windows update doesn't want to play nice and I have to b slap it sometimes. Other than that 10 is running stable since clean install. Knock on wood.
Still MS has NOT come up a answer for this :(
It has been here since the first time win 11 was released :(
A reply from ASUS
The card cannot output from headphone after the system is upgraded to Windows 11. Switching from Speaker to headphone output will show " No supported device found, this application will now closed." message and close the application.

At present, the following ASUS sound card models are still available for sale, we expect to release new windows 11 drivers one by one from May 2022 to fix this issue. It is recommended that users do not update to Windows 11 firstly, or use speaker for audio output firstly.

Xonar SE / Xonar AE / Strix RAID DLX / Strix RAID PRO / Strix SOAR

Except for the above sound card models, all other models have been EOL'd for more than two years, so we will not release new drivers to support Windows 11 any more. We can only recommend users not to use Windows 11 or use speaker for audio output.