Windows 11 should restore taskbar location option

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Just switched to the Win11

I have been using the right-hand side taskbar since windows 7.

This stems from the screens aspect ratio, which allows for plenty of sideways view, allowing to maximize the vertical view. which for all visual work/ excel/ reading digital docs etc.. is invaluable.


I know from youtube that I'm not the only or first to bring this up, but it would mean a lot if Microsoft enables this.


ps -If Microsoft team for win11 can also enable grouping of pinned icons, it would also be very conducive, since it can give me "a view at a glance" of all of my important software, arranged by groups which mean something to me as opposed to a varying separate icons in random rows ad several pages which I now have to scroll through in search of what I want/ need to do my work.


Both changes, I'm quit sure will be very welcome by all win11 users and will help advance this eddition of windows.

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Thank you for your feedback, which I support!
I wholeheartedly agree that continued support for a vertical taskbar will be welcomed by a lot of old Win 10 users.
This issue is important enough that I may revert back to Windows 10. Please allow vertical taskbars...

Thank you for your suggestion. The aspect ratio you mentioned is the key reason I preferred having my taskbar on the side.

I'll add, although i like the flexibility of centering the icons or moving them to the Left, but I'd be willing to suspend that (temporarily) in exchange for the ability to place the taskbar vertically to the right..