Windows 11 Post-update Instability

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Hi all,

I have recently had this problem with Windows 11 Beta. Every time after I update my Windows 11 system, there would be a period of severe instability. (Note: EVERY TIME. No kidding.) Every time during this period the OS would simply refuse to startup and act up. Not only will the system lag and freeze, but I would experience multiple screens of death (Blue & Green). This would be accompanied by a variety of stop-codes. Examples below:







Once it finishes a full cycle of these "error"s, it would repeat the process. 


Of course, when I face the problem, I would always just shut off the computer and wait a few hours, but I am now in a really busy period and cannot wait that 2/3 hours for the laptop to load, so I am contemplating rolling back to Windows 10.


I am also contemplating getting a factory fix at the laptop manufacturer.


What should I do?

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