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Windows 11 not working power saving mode?

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I watched the movie, the phone rang and walked away from the laptop, out of the corner of my eye I noticed how the screen darkened a little (well, as it was at 10, this is a special darkening of the screen, after the screen is completely turned off, the power saving mode is shorter)
After I noticed how the screen returned to its previous brightness, although no one touched it, it means that inactivity continued and he should not have improved the brightness, after talking he returned to the laptop and started the film, but it did not start, pressed esc to exit full-screen mode, 0 reactions
Windows button also 0 reactions, task manager, execute command, nothing started the whole system hung
After waiting 5-10 minutes, I realized that this was a waste of time and had to turn off the laptop with a hard shutdown
The system is fully compatible with no edits and is fully compatible with the check program.
So there is a possibility that the power saving mode is also faulty.
I am using Windows 11 with all the latest updates, I am a member of the program insider. I understand that this is a dev release, I just report a possible error.
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exact the same problem here...hope there will be a fix in near future.

System cooling policy is gone and most probably the part that tells the CPU to throttle down to stock as well.

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