Windows 11 Mobile??

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I know this is silly to ask but there seems to be a lot of requests in Twitter search "Lumia, Microsoft Lumia, Windows Phone" of people wanting it to come back. Also, r/windowsphone, feedback hub and a lot of recent Lumia videos are also on the running desktop version of arm Windows on Lumia 950xl.


Is there a chance that this beautiful OS that had the best marketing, commercials ever, was the most personal OS ever, best personal assistant, best offline maps, easy to use and navigate. It was personal and took great photos. Windows Phone was one of the first to have a great camera, dark mode native, continum, usb c, glance screen and so much more. 


So, more potential and Windows phone helped you keep connected with family and friends. 


Great video on why we need Windows Phone :)


There are plenty of Windows Phone related feedback hub, so please upvote if interested.

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Is there a chance Windows 11 mobile will be a reality?





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No one knows. Chances are very slim that there will be a Windows 11 Mobile. There is a project currently that is porting the Windows 10 Mobile shell to Windows 10 on ARM. If those dev's manage to pull the project over to Windows 11 on ARM, then we could see a new life with Windows Phones, since Windows 11 will have Android Apps. 


It would be nice if there will be a mobile version of Windows 11. As well as if it's open for other smartphone company especially, Asian smartphone companies so there will be more possibilities that the consumer community will grow.
Maybe. Now windows 11 desktop version can run on the Lumia 950xl and Surface Duo. But Microsoft is not confident enough in the mobile phone market right now.