Windows 11 is the Worst OS I'vs used after Windows Vista.

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I am really not a fan at all!


Firstly the default position of the start button is so Inconvenient and if its center aligned it doesn't even remain in the same place. Windows 11 is basically more of a design update to Windows 10. No new or rather user friendly or productive features except for running android apps are present.


Start menu is terrible! It has lost its classic touch. Only pinned apps visible, you need to click a button separately to view all apps. Start menu can't be resized, full screen start absent, no live tiles (biggest let down). The WiFi, Sound and Bluetooth bar adds to the inconvenience. Why open all of them if you just want to change the settings of 1.


Settings look is OK. Not very impressive. App logos OK. The earlier ones were much better. The Chat, Switch Desktop functions are pinned to the taskbar all the time and cannot remove them. Very annoying. Preview peek desktop on hovering cursor is also missing. I personally liked the feature.


Long saying short - I would prefer to use Windows 10 rather than Windows 11 or would even like Windows 7 better than Windows 11. Clearly Windows 11 is just a design update of Windows 10 other than the Android apps. Might as well add the feature to Windows 10!


Clearly an unplanned, inconvenient, hard user interfaced and unhelpful operating system. Currently what I feel is that looking at the scenario now I am thinking that Windows 11 will be a fail. No better than Vista. Doesn't provide with any useful features.


I would say that this nothing else but a Downgraded OS.


I would be highly obliged if Windows 11 would be reworked.


I am an enthusiast in the field of computers and I'm keen on trying out new features!

Hoping to see a much modified Windows 11 on 5th October.


Yours faithfully,

Arin Swadi

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Windows Vista is not so bad after all. I can agree that Windows 11 isn't up to the mark and feels like a design upgrade, but Windows Vista sure was nice. It was a giant leap from XP that bought a secure and attractive OS with many features unlike in the case of Windows 10 to Windows 11.

I agree! Windows 11 has rendered my 9 month old Tozo T6 eardbuds worthless. The taskbar icons are smaller and more difficult to see. The battery icon doesn't indicate the percentage of charge until you click on the tiniest icon possible without being invisible. Settings are not on the taskbar without searching for them. How can I switch back to Windows 10?


Though the taskbar's height has been increased, I can't understand why the icons' size has been reduced. I like the taskbar of Windows Vista and 7 among others (Windows 8, 8.1 and 10).

Don't worry, You can go back to Windows 10 through Settings>System>Recovery and choose “Go Back to Windows 10". Please note that this method works if it's not been more than 10 days after you installed Win 11 on your PC. If it's been more than 10 days, you've to use something like a Windows 10 installation disc.

Thank you. I just did just that, and all is well. Windows 11 really sucks.

No problems, Happy to help :)
Thanks for sharing your experience with Windows 11, I'm going to stick to Windows 10 as long as I can.