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hey there, 

Iam Bhanu prakash....,

i have recently Downloaded windows 11 dev version from uptades. It had downloaded but the my system became too slow.

So i don't want to install it into my system

So how to delete that update from my system to avoid installation of the window 11


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You will need to unregister from the Dev channel. and make clean installations of Windows10 (latest stable version)
See this discussion again maybe just reset the system, but please write - what did you do?

Yeah, this is happening and being posted a lot even on the Feedback Hub. For those interested in Windows 11 or Dev Channel make sure you read what Dev Channel is, and know that Windows 11 is not yet (at the time of this post) in stable release so joining Insider Program, especially Dev Channel, can give you builds that aren't always stable. It was the same even when Windows 10 was in Dev Channel (previously Fast Ring). One can wait into Windows 11 arrives to the Beta Channel for a more stable Beta testing experience or just wait into the official stable release. I'm reading of many people joining Dev Channel just to try Windows 11 than realizing their system can't handle the unpolished builds or they don't like the bugs/glitches/sometimes unstableness of the builds that come out of the Dev Channel and want to revert back. You only have ten days to revert back after going from Windows 10 to 11 and once in you're in Dev Channel, and the ten days to revert back to Windows 10 has pass, you can not go back down to Beta Channel and you can't exit the Insider Program without clean installing of Windows. (However Beta Channel you can exit the Insider Program without clean installing Windows, at least it is at the time of this post.) For more information about the Dev Channel (and Beta Channel), one can go here to read about it before joining. Microsoft is very clear about what the Dev Channel is and isn't.