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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Windows 11 Insider Program not showing in Windows Update

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Some of our users are being upgraded to Windows 11 Insider Preview instead of the stable version of Windows 11.  In addition, these users do not have the Windows Insider Program option in Windows Update.

How can I get these users that were automatically forced onto Insider Preview, switched to the stable version?

Also, why are some of our users being forced onto Windows 11 Insider Preview, rather than the stable version?

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@ttunks  Hi,

Windows Insider Program documentation - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Learn 

Could you please give some information - what version of Insider are you talking about?

Hi A1,
Of the handful of users that were pushed to Insider Preview, they are on 10.0.23511 & 10.0.23516.


Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23516 | Windows Insider Blog

This is the Dev.insider channel, so to stop updates in the future - the only solution is to perform a clean installation of Windows11 - stable public.

certainly someone previously installed the Insider version from a USB drive - only so it could be installed at the beginning - by the user, sometimes that the computer had windows11 installed, this is how the insider version was installed.

Thanks A1!
All these users were running Windows 10 10.0.19045 and chose to upgrade to Windows 11 via Windows Update. Of the dozen or so users that have upgraded so far, five of them were upgraded to the Dev insider channel. Not sure why or how, but this is what is happening in our environment.
Also, no Windows Insider Program is available in Windows Update. Meaning it is not there. There's not even an option. I understand that even if the option were there, these users wouldn't be able to downgrade to the stable version, but it's just strange that the Insider Program section isn't shown.


I understand , but one thing is for sure you need to reinstall the public version of Windows11, during the installation you have to choose what to leave (nothing) = only so you can have a production version of Windows. 

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