Windows 11 Insider Preview Build Is trying to force-install

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Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22H2 version 10.0.22598.100 (ni_release) keeps failing, and now it's caused me to not be able to stop it from installing. There is no option to block it (I've already tried to hide this update, little good THAT did). How do I:

1. Either force this update to not fail upon install, or

2. Prevent it from installing?

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same issue here - installs, but hangs on the MSI boot screen. Uninstalls after a forced reset, but then tries to reinstall itself.

@Azraelasitgets  Opposit problem here. I am in DEV Channel 22H2 and the bad update installs just fine and is woring well. But now Microsoft has sent an update to 21H1 which (if I allow it to install) will revert ne back to an older release channel' I have spent 3 years in the DEV channel with aa computer they say wont handle it which has done so faster and more reliably that this computer has ever run/ The agreement was I am allowed to receive the updstes until it starts to choke - we want to see how far this computer can go.


I am not happy to be arbitrarily assigned like this nor do I think this is a failed update, I think it is being used to clear out the DEV channell and repurpose it. Curiously even in the computers which wont load there is no issue except on the user side. The system is still operating smoothly and is having no problem. Interesting to note that in taskmaster there are way more files than there should be Like at least 50. Id like to kmow what they are doing sending builds 3 times a week. Time for a little transparancy here doeeeeee