Windows 11 Insider Build (Notepad and File Explorer Text Issue)

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Hi everyone, I am wondering if someone can help me with an issue I have with text when I scroll in File Explorer, Notepad, and when reading executed code in the black box from Visual Studio. When I scroll down, the words tend to glitch or overlap with each other and when this happens in File Explorer I have to move my mouse over the text in order for it to clear up. When I scroll down in Notepad and in the Black Box when executing code in Visual Studio the text tends to glitch or overlap each other and I have to highlight the text for it to clear up. I've already tried updating graphics, reinstalling windows, and I even wiped my laptop. I'm assuming it's just Windows 11 Insider Build, I'd hate to get rid of Windows 11 but if I have to revert to Windows 10 I'm up for that. Although, I'm wanting to get some help on fixing this issue with text before I spend another few hours reverting to Windows 10 and setting my laptop up again.

Here are a few screenshots of my issue:





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Hey, I am also facing the same issue after recent updates.
I too have the same issue. Only on Notepad, Command Prompt, PowerShell or Terminal windows. Notepad+ works fine...

@jamie_passa I had to revert to Windows 10 and then update all my drivers and downgrade my Intel UHD graphics by one in order to fix the issue. This fixed it on my Precision 5540 at least, I don’t know what computer you use.

Yea, we have all devices on Windows 11, so we are not reverting. It just started happening at least to my machine but have not heard from the other 500+ machines in the office. I will try to downgrade my video drivers. Thanks!
I had the same issue - it was the Display Adapter driver.. I have an Intel HD 620 with driver version - this caused the same issue .. I updated the driver to and the problem was resolved.