Windows 11 CPU Requirements: Intel and AMD based CPUs

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I am curious as to why the drop for support in 6th and 7th Gen Intel and AMD based?  There are quite a bit of enterprise grade workstations on older Xeon models that have tpm1.2/2.0 as well as many other security features. I have a Dell precision T7910 fixed tower with dual Intel Xeon E5-2680 v3s. I find it relatively hard to believe this machines fail to meet Windows 11 minimum requirements. These machines are built to last as the system can max out at 1tb of DDR4 RAM and can run 3 GPUs with seemingly unlimited storage options. Is there a plan to implement a Windows 11 Workstation version like Windows 10 Pro Workstation? My next assumption is that this version isn't for workstation grade hardware and more towards the consumer based models. In which case, please point me in the direction of a version more catered toward high end computing. One of the reasons I opted for the insider program was to see progress on WSL2. I run a local kubernetes cluster leveraging docker and wsl2. I also do some machine learning. I would like to see what Windows 11 brings to the table for content creators, development ,and high end compute.

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I think you're right - certainly in the enterprise currently Windows11 is useless.
It seems that this is supposed to be a new quality for individual users!



It would be nice to see a version of windows catered towards developers and engineers. There are sites like The Project that basically take the server versions of Windows and enable the desktop features. The server versions tend to have better memory management and support for that enterprise grade hardware. I had assumed that is what the Windows 10 Pro Workstation edition would have been. Multi cpu support, better memory management, better storage management, etc...I want to love the WSL2 project but there are things its proper environment variable handling. I recently have been having issues with Windows using up all my ports so services in the linux subsystem couldn't run...I need windows terminal and powertoys to be standard lol

I think this stage of Windows11 features is ahead of us, but please don't urge Microsoft to work in an enterprise environment – where most PCs would be replaceable to meet the technical requirements for Windows11!
I know that Windows11 allows you to work with Android software - so
programmers will have a lot of work and learning, implementing novelties!
Well not quite...I believe the use of android apps is made possible by leverage the amazon app store. Not true native support but more of maybe like sideloading...In either case I do not believe it would bring any value to developers unless the subsystem was made available to develop on. If we can understand how the sideloading of the apps works then developing androids that would be more compatible with the system is possible....however, I would think that would essentially be a waste as you would ultimately still be developing an android app for android...this may allow developers to code more natively, rather than through emulators...Again im curious on the linux subsystem capabilities.
I heard that there will be a lot of solutions - for developers, this is to provide Microsoft, I do not know how it will work, but such are the projects for the future!
Windows 11 recently has been announced and I observed users' concern regarding to the requirements.
Workstation Pro 10 can map 2tb I have enterprise and have yet to discover the policy that is about paging and VM mapping.
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