Windows 11 22557.1 stops installing at 48%

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I've tried this about 5 times now, including the most recent two being on a clean install of 22533. It downloads and installs inside of the Settings app, but after the restart it always gets to 48% and then stops. Any help would be appreciated.

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same here, i'm getting driver pnp watchdog error on green screen after stuck on 48% for 10 min



@PlyrUnvb Check your bios version, install latest bios firmware.

Oh yeah same here, then on it's own it updated yesterday. The update blocks firefox from working but otherwise seems fine.
I updated the BIOS and got to 48% and had a green screen with the PNP WATCHDOG ERROR now.

@PlyrUnvb Come on MICROSOFT! Doesn't this make you embarrassed that so many people have the same issue? This is NOT a BIOS issue. And I and many of us have tried all the recommended fixes - i.e. clean out the cache folder, stop and restart services, etc.


You would think the installer would have some routine that if it gets stuck on something it would generate SOME ERROR CODE or DESCRIPTION of WTH the problem is?!?!  


So, what now?