Windows 11 22533 breaks taskbar positioning.

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It seems that the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\StuckRects3 

resets every time explorer.exe starts.

For instance, if I change the position of the Taskbar (00 -> 03), then save, and then reboot explorer, the registry resets, and the taskbar remains in the bottom of the screen.

Please attend to this.

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Please provide your feedback to Windows engineering team via Feedback hub app. You can launch the app by pressing Windows key + F.

I am having the same issue. Have you found a remedy?

@Thodor1s Mine put the taskbar up on top when I merged my 3 monitors using the nvidia control panel. The registry still said 03 and I can't seem to bring it back down no matter what I change this value to. Any idea?

I've found a work-around to this. It was in an article by Jessica Tanner on (
Change '03' to '01' as described elsewhere here but then IMMEDIATELY restart Explorer. Terminate Explorer and restart it. As Jessica writes, "Restarting Explorer is a required step, you cannot replace it by restarting the computer."

Unfortunately this does NOT work anymore (since 22H2). Any other value than "03" is immediately set back by the OS.
I used the TOP position since it appeared for the first time (W95) - as ALL menus are on the top! And I think it's an incredible overreach by MS, to force the users to arrange the desktop in the way THEY trhink is right. Let's hope MS will come to reason soon and give us back the freedom to choose...

HOORAY! What a great day!!! THANK YOU, Microsoft!!!

Just for fun, I tried to play around with my taskbar and... IT WORKS! I just grabbed it with the cursor and it's back up at the top now! Incredible!! See, it wasn't so hard to keep your customers happy after allafter all, right! Again, THANK YOU!

EDIT:  Seems I was wrong. So embarrasing and naive of me, to belive this could happen, that they would care. I am so sorry for spreading these "fake news"... :facepalm:

It's not MS, who changed things for good, it's a third party tool I installed the other day, trying to arrange my desktop the way I'm used to and which did not work 100% in the first place. But it now got an update, re-enabling the actual Taskbar behaviour (drag & drop), just as it should be. thus...
Thanks for nothing, Microsoft :sad: