Windows 10 Insider Preview 10.0.17692.1004 (RS_PRERELEASE_FLT) Stuck In Restart

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I had attempted to update my Windows Insider Preview to newest release 17704, but got a couple of fails.  Next time I tried it it reflected I was downloading and installing Windows 10 Insider Preview 10.0.17692.1004 (RS_PRERELEASE_FLT).  I tried finding every available way to cancel and allow me to get back to 17704 for download but 17692 is stuck in restart mode.  Someone please help.

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I forgot to mention that my present build is 17692, and that is the reason I am trying to stop it from reinstalling on top of itself.

Try to download and run wushowhide.diagcab from MS.
There you can stop the update that does not work.

Ran the troubleshooter and it brought up 17704 and another one for definitions, but my windows update page still reflects 17692 as sitting there waiting for a restart.  Back to the old drawing board. 

If there are any Microsoft Windows Insider Gurus who are reading this and know how to clear out the pending restart of 10.0.17692.1004 (RS_PRERELEASE_FLT), please let me know. I will keep my present version till it tells me 17704 is available for my machine.
Problem solved all on its own with the new update 17711.
Well, went from one problem right into another one. Now when I go to upgrade to Build 17711, iy goes to 52% and the a message window pops up saying "Windows could not configure one or more components. To install Windows, restart the computer and then restart the installation." If anybody has any good ideas how to solve this, I would be so grateful.