Windows 10 21XXX 3 builds rls's now all GSOD in same place???

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Ive been a long time Insider user and was excited to jump on the new 21XXX builds or (skip ahead type channel) but since 21277 ive hit a GSOD "Critical Process Died" shortly after sign in on my AADJ machine, I always use the feedback hub and have done so after testing the last 2 builds which in the RLS notes say the AADJ GSOD crash bug was fixed im still seeing the exact same issue, as i mentioned i do report the feedback on the app providing the diag files it has with its feedback but im writing here in the hopes i might get some tech support type replies myself to try resolving the problem my end??


I work in IT myself so have tried the normal, disabling security tools aswell as attempting the upgrade at least 3 times before stopping anymore, but seeing as the 21279 build with rls not fixes for AAD Joined desktops hitting GSOD shortly after Signin seemed to describe my feedback spot on im wondered if i might be missing something??


If any reader has any ideas they could contribute id be ever so grateful and will try any at this point,


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