Windows 10 17713.1000 (rs5_release) will not complete taskbar calendar does not open on mouseclock

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With Windows 10 17713.1000 , when left click on taskbar clock the calendar does not open (as it did before).  Sometimes with multiple clicks or following with a start menu click, both the start menu and calendar open.

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I found same issue.

This solution worked for me:

  1. open run panel (Win+R)
  2. type in: regedit and hit enter
  3. find this key:
  4. you need to see there this:
    UseWin32TrayClockExperience  REG_DWORD 0x00000000 (0)
    (probably you will not see this line)
  5. create a new DWORD (32-bit) value, name it as: UseWin32TrayClockExperience
  6. Hold SHIFT+CTRL while right clicking on the taskbar, you will see an
    Exit Explorer option
  7. press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to launch the Task Manager
  8. under the file menu click on the Run new task option.
  9. type in explorer and hit enter.
  10. check on the clock what you did ;)