Window 11 Tpm 2.0 requirement

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My laptop is not compatible for the Windows 11 preview unless it has TPM 2.0. Is there a way that I can enable it?

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This should help you, it does require changing HKEY D-WORD

*The steps are listed unser Create WIndows 11 Installatio Media
Thank you, I was looking for how to enable tpm 2.0 so I can upgrade to Windows 11. I don't want to do anything that could harm my computer.
No problem if you could select it as best answer that could help me out a little as well. If you need help let me know. Have you tried downloading an ISO and installing that way

@_RBL_ What iso? Is that for windows 10 or 11?
If you navigate to the docs and follow the link to download insider iso, login with your insider account. You will be able to download a windows 11 insiders iso (about 5 gigs) then open the file and select setup.exe and it will clean install windows 11 for you
would that work even though my computer doesn't have the tpm requirement yet. I just want to enable tpm.
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do not do it - it will not work!
Currently, even participation in the Insider program does not allow you to install Windows11.
If your motherboard does not have TPM 2.0, do not try to install Windows11.
For full details, contact your computer manufacturer

@Andrzej1 Thank you, I figured it wouldn't work unless I talk to the manufacturer. I'm doing that now. 

Very well!
But this whole situation is not clear to many people .
In fact, Windows10 is getting better and better now - it's not worth doing the installation on incompatible hardware
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@Andrzej1  Yes, it confusing to say the least.  It seems some people can access Windows 11 and some don't .  I would like to try it, yet it's not that serious.  I'm getting notices on my screen saying the the build will end on October 31, 2021.  How do I stay on the Windows 10 Insider build ?


It will be safest to download using the media creation tool the latest stable version of Windows10 , and later configure the RP Channel, because Beta and Dev. are only for Windows11

But the drive must be formatted and personal files deleted.

Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs

@Andrzej1 I did an ISO for an Insider build and selected the Release Preview channel.  So far everything works great. I still keep a watch on everything. Your suggestion is highly appreciated. 

I've found things that help are Uninstalling all the apps you are able, then go into the Microsoft Store App settings and select reset and repair then open the Store and run and update check and it should sort of jump start a reinstall of the Store and apps for your new build.

Glad to help out.

@_RBL_ That's another great suggestion. Most of the apps I use don't come from the Microsoft store though. Is the apps in the store any safer than going the official website themselves?

I wouldn't necessarily say safer however it's like another level of authentication. I try and stick with the Store apps mainly bc I run the Dev version and the Store seems to have the compatible versions. I run a light setup for development so Visual Studio and VScode along with programming languages are all I have

@_RBL_  Hi


But the author cannot stay in the Dev channel.

the installation of the application is not related to the problem of the author of the post - I think.