Window 11 blue screen error CRITICAL PROCESS DIED

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So for last 2 days my windows 11 keep crashing and it shows blue screen with error CRITICAL PROCESS DIED and initially I was able to login and then when I used my laptop for a while it crashes but now I cant even login and it immediately crashes when i power on my laptop. I tried a lot of things like system restore  , startup repair and it throws error "startup repair couldn't repair Pc" .nothing is working right now.WHAT SHOULD I DO?

There are few things to note -

1) i haven't installed anything but only a window update i did that too was after it started crashing .

2) couple of weeks earlier i took my battery out of my laptop so maybe it is a hardware issue but that was weeks ago and it was working fine after that for few weeks and this error started 2 days ago.

3) In blue screen i cant use anything like startup repair,system restore everything ran into problem.

4) Also my c disk is only 50 60 gb free.

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