When HDMI settings are adjusted The video connection is lost

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Hi, im running on a ABS Desktop and windows 11.

Every time I change the settings on where the audio comes from, Headphones to TV, the Tv looses signal to the computer for 2 seconds then trys to desplay again for 3 seconds then it goes back to "no signal detected".  Ill get a glimpse at what ever tabs were open for a half second every once and awhile. 

Things ive tried to fix. 

Change tvs

Change HDMI ports/cords

Scan for updates 

Power off Power on. 

apporx 2 hard shutdowns and i get to poke around in the computer for a moment before it begins the works/doesnt dance.  

Does anyone have any ideas as to what it could be? perhaps a setting or a bad update? Faulty hardware? motherboard or graphics cards. Maybe the Fire TV needs a brick?

Anything at this point will be helpful, Thanks in advance. 

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