What a mess...

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Is the Windows 11 a new Windows ME? Just a cosmetic pack and lack of new features?

Where is the Stardock Fences Desktop style? Stardock Groupy windows manager? Bitsum Process Lasso task manager? Kaspersky antivirus? Net Limiter firewall? Dell Mobile Connection phone manager? Iris eye confort? SSDkeeper (DymaxIO) disk write cache? Dataram ram disk? Eartrumpet/Volume2 audio mixer? 

Not to mention... Miracast that works in any device (not only on microsoft sticker)? New Group Policy features? Fingerprint to unlock apps? Mobile fingerprint reader integration? OS partition / Data partition (like a android or ios)? Bluetooth security and control (effectively)? Multiple speakers at same time (bluetooth or not - you can do it in any cellphone)? Sub tabs in Edge (like chrome for android)? Partition Magic disk manager? Winaero Twiker personalization? W10Privacy privacy? Sysinternals suite builtin? Android/Iphone/Gopro/DLSR as webcam drivers/features (wireless/NDI)? Android/Iphone as media center remote control? Power Automate that can do anything (like iphone shortcuts, android tasker or alexa ifttt) ... 

And cortana? Its gone... well, let Alexa control our device then... Or Siri, or something... anything. With proper permissions.

Where is the msi afterburner, riva tuner, XTU, nvidia experience, razer cortex features in the game options? 

Name it... what do you want or need, is missing. And you must (buy and) install something to fill...

*Its a shame the Edge running in background with process priority above normal before you open)... tons of bloatware... 

Edit: Dolby Atmos immersive sound and eq (with eq device based), display fusion wallpaper manager and multi monitor control, Anydesk remote control, 144Hz on desktop or any app, large pages on any app, CPUz/GPUz, Alienware Command Center thermal control, Dell Power Manager battery charge control, Razer Synapse mouse dpi control, Turn Off the Lights/Le Dimmer focus assistant, remote install apps from Windows Store (like a google store), Find my device with remote data wipe (without intune lic and with precise location - what Im supposed to do with a notebook showing my city on the map?), Notepad+, Rainmeter desktop gadgets, Stardock Multiplicity (control another pc mouse over network), Stardock Start10/WindowsBlinds (fully customizable start menu and taskbar), ANY VIDEO AS SCREEN SAVER (or gif, or html, or as desktop wallpaper), PSAppDeployToolkit like deploy tools (multiple msi zero config schedule/trigger install/update/uninstall with or without user interaction, with process priority control), default disk dedup/schedule compression, Treesize/WinDirStat tool (get space by folder), Windiff text compare tool, Putty/Winscp remote terminal tool, Ms DaRT as recovery tool (recovery partition), Schedule shadow copy as backup option, Windows Core (without GUI - or minimal install), Plex video/audio stream server, NVR tools (like Geovision, view, record, play), Dock containers, XBMC/MPC media center, AirServer (to cast or mirror from iphone), multiple terminal sessions (at least console +1, for support, with user consent and without prevent console user to work), native CDP on network interfaces (cisco discovery protocol - to find switch port), "My Computer" as %computername% or %username%@%computername%, native BIOS config tools (like Dell Command Configure), native inventory tool, Cam/Mic/Location etc individual permissions on non windows store apps, native backup to cloud (One Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Drive), Storage smart tiers (move unused files to cloud), RFID card as smartcards (mobile phone as smartcard for 2FA?), Uninstall/Reinstall apps on/from Windows Store, Edge mute/volume per tab (instead per site), Msft Authenticator as offline OTP (one time password, or online as 2FA), native wifi analyzer/scanner (like WiFiInfoView), native ip/port scanner, native ad blocker ... Windows OS install from cloud (any decent linux distro, apple)

Dell G5 15 5590
Intel i7-9750H (2.60GHz 6 cores 12 threads - undervolt -1,25mv)
NVIDIA GTX2060  (960MHz - undervolt 1935MHz/0,893mv)
Samsung 16GB RAM (2x 8GB 2666MHz)
Adata NVMe 512GB (IM2P33F3A)
Dell Dock WD19

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