Weather taskbar widget not updating

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The weather that now appears in the lower left corner in Windows 11, no longer updates the temperature. It will remain the same the entire day, only way to fix this is a reboot. Stopping and starting the Explorer process in Task Manager results in the widget becoming an icon. Using Windows 11 22000.527

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Hello @PurSpyk,


See if this fix helps you:


Let us know if this helps!


Note: Included link in this reply refers to blog post by a trusted Microsoft MVP.

Thanks, but this is not my problem, as stated the widgets weather display is not updating, so the temperature and weather conditions do not match the weather when hovering over the icon

I too am having the same problem. I am using Win 11 Home Version 10.0.22000 Build 22000

I have the same problem, and the provided tips do not help


A workaround which I found was to go to the widget, update the location with something else and then revert to your original location, this will force an update instantly.
However it's very annoying to see the temp not getting updated :|
I also have the same problem on one of my PC, after I have updated my Windows Web Experience Pack. Interesting, it just happened on one of my PC, but another is right, both of them have the same Windows version(22000.652).

simply ending task on widgets.exe causes it to refresh for me and work for a few days. The windows service restarts this process and it works normally. @sunjingwen 

Look up you error code that it throughing in settings, then go to app property, then turn your auto update on and off if it is on if turn on. If that don't solve you problem it's gonna be in the app. So uninstall then reinstall your app. That should fix it