Wallpaper get deleted after updates

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When I do an update the last few times and the computer boots back up. My wallpaper is gone so I have to upload the wallpaper again which is irritating. That had never happened before. Also in the bottom right there is writing evaluation copy. I included a screenshot of it. What does that mean?

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The piece of text at the bottom left shows you information about your Windows insider build that you are using.
evaluation copy means it's for evaluating purposes and it's not to be used permanently or for longer periods, insider builds have a very short end of life.

@HotCakeX So the evalution copy shouldn't affect my computer? Also why is the wallpaper gets deleted when doing updates? That hasn't happened in the past.

I'm not sure about the wallpaper but the evaluation copy notice has been there all the time, so if it didn't cause any problem for you before, it shouldn't be a problem now. each new insider build that you download resets that evaluation copy's period. so just download each new build as soon as you can.

@HotCakeX Now I understand. So when there is updates, that means that is a new insider build?

Insider builds get different updates, if the update specifically says that it is a new build then it's a new insider build, but other than that you get regular updates for Windows Defender that keeps Windows secure.
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@HotCakeX  Got it, thank you.

You're welcome!